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Oct 01st

Moreland’s book a great reference for deer hunters

If I want to move my game up another notch, no matter the game, I find out all I can about how to do it right. I've been known to buy a couple of those books written for folks like me who are a bit klutzy when tackling a new task; you know what I'm talking about – Boiling Water for Dummies; Changing Light Bulbs for Dummies et al.

If you're a deer hunter and you want to do the best job possible in improving the deer herd and habitat on your hunting club, I hate to tell you there is no "Managing Deer for Dummies" available. However, I found the next best thing to it, David Moreland's "Louisiana Whitetails" with the subtitle "Your guide to growing big deer, managing the herd and figuring out where to hunt them".

I have known Dave Moreland a long time and know his passion for whitetail deer, especially those that make their home in the hills and hollows of Louisiana. Moreland, now retired, is a former wildlife biologist for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and served as deer study leader for 13 years and as chief of the Wildlife Division for the three years prior to his retirement.

What is special about Moreland's book is the way in which he breaks down every component of Louisiana's deer history from the period decades ago when word would spread around the community that someone had found a deer track and everybody would jump in their cars to drive down to see it, to the current day with tens of thousands of deer roaming the Louisiana landscape. Louisiana Whitetails is easy to read and is chock full of helpful data and information that will make any deer hunter serious about improving deer on his property do a better job.

Moreland adds spice to the book by inserting personal anecdotes and experiences he had years ago in the deer woods with his dad and more recently with his son. I was especially moved in reading his account of bagging his most impressive buck to date just a few years ago with the little 20 gauge shotgun his dad gave him when he was a youngster.

Beautifully illustrated, Moreland's 150 page book contains some 125 color photographs along with graphs and charts that illustrate what he is discussing in each chapter.

Chapter titles include the following, guaranteed to whet any deer hunter's appetite: History of Louisiana Whitetails; Biology of Louisiana Whitetails for Hunters; Louisiana Deer Habitat; Louisiana Deer Herd Management; Quality Deer Management Revolution; Chasing Trophies in Louisiana; Shoot; Don't Shoot (note: an excellent test helping hunters decide if a particular photographed deer should be taken or left – with Moreland's opinion in each case); Louisiana Public Deer Areas; Louisiana Lagniappe, Keeping the Dream Alive; and topped off with a listing as of June 2011 of Louisiana Big Game Records of Super Bucks.

Todd Masson of Louisiana Publishing, wrote in the book's foreword about Moreland. "He's forgotten more about deer that I'll ever know. Now, with the release of Louisiana Whitetails, Moreland's knowledge is in print, easily accessible by anyone who's ever dreamed of growing and hunting bigger bucks."

Christmas is not that far down the road and if there ever was a gift perfectly suited for the deer hunter in the family, Louisiana Whitetails is the ticket.

The book is available at Minden Farm and Garden and will be available at most book stores soon. It can be ordered now from Louisiana Publishing for $19.95 plus shipping by calling 1-800-538-4355 or on-line at www.shop.lasmag.com.

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