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Oct 01st

Doyline project at top of agenda

Superintendent Steve Dozier updated school board members on the many projects moving forward at Webster Parish schools during Monday night's WP School Board meeting.

"At Doyline School, we have not had a ground breaking yet but I understand it is very close," he said. "Once they start, I understand it is supposed to be around April before that project is completed."

Presently, grades K-12 are housed in temporary buildings on the Doyline campus after the merging of Union Elementary and Doyline.

Other projects Dozier updated are: the air conditioning project at Central Elementary School will be rescheduled (that project was brought to a halt when the bid was not accepted due to problems between the mechanical and the general contractors); Harper Elementary elevator will be finished in approximately two weeks and the handicap bathroom access will be complete around Thanksgiving.

"There is a lot of noise over there right now but at least they are working," Dozier said.

The air conditioning project for the North Webster Junior High School sixth grade wing will begin in the summer and the punchlist for Jones Elementary and Phillips restrooms are about two weeks away from completion, according to Dozier.

With all board members present several items were unanimously approved during the November 7 WP School Board meeting:

Approved permission to purchase an intercom system for J.A. Phillips at a cost of $28,600 from QSCB funds.

Approved extended insurance coverage on school buses, paid for from general funds in the amount of $23,786. (this will upgrade insurance coverage so the return on vehicles if damaged will be higher).

Approved Change Order Proposal #1 (replace all water closets, lavatory and urinal fixtures in lieu of cleaning and reinstalling the existing fixtures in 14 restrooms at Harper Elementary) at a cost of $27,388 (from QSCB funds).

Approved the use of $3,663 of Springhill Lease Funds for maintenance contract with homeland safety systems surveillance equipment for Browning Elementary.

Jerry Lott asked during this agenda item if there are any local Webster Parish businesses that deal with this type of work – safety systems surveillance equipment.

"My concern is that we have four or five items on the agenda that are out of parish shopping," Lott said. "I just hope that our concern would be if we have any local businesses that do any of this that they at least are given an opportunity to get a quote or bid in."

Approved to replace the amplifier in the sound system at Minden High School football stadium in the amount of $1,550 (District 6.5 cent sales tax fund)

Principal Robin Tucker explained that the company that installed the last system did not take into account the level of heat to which the equipment would be exposed.

"What had been placed there was permanent and non-mobile so they are replacing the unit minus the amplifier so that we can take it in out of the press box after football season and only put it out there when we need to," Tucker said.

Approved the use of $1,900 of Springhill Lease Fund Money to purchase 10 portable radios for school safety from Shreveport Communications for Browning Elementary School

Approved the use of $1,785 from District 6.5 cent sales tax fund for Webster Junior High Field House RTU, replace Orion PT-Link (which will allow Storer Equipment Company to monitor and control the air conditioning unit and electricity from a distance).

Approved permission to use $1,025 from District 6.5 sales tax to supply Internet Services to the temporary building that houses kindergarten classes at Harper Elementary; permission to use $1,193 of Shongaloo School Building Fund money to purchase and install new carpet for the auditorium at North Webster Lower Elementary; permission to use $2,988 of Shongaloo School building Fund to purchase rubber mulch for the pre-K playground at NW Lower Elementary; and approved permission to use $362 out of Dist. 6.5 sales tax fund to Elliot Electric Supply for Minden High weight room.

Rodney Taylor of Taylor & Sons presented the November Employee of the Month award to Michelle Smith, North Webster Upper Elementary third grade teacher.

Personnel changes approved were:

Lisa H. Thrash, teacher North Webster Lower Elementary, requesting a medical sabbatical, effective October 12, 2011 through May 18, 2012; Marion Thompson terminated as a teacher at North Webster High School, effective October 31; Mario Thompson appointed para-professional for Harper Elementary School for a new position, effective November 1, 2012; and Megan Speer, teacher, Central Elementary School, completed contract, effective October 14, 2011.

Approved the following field trips:

Minden High English 4 students to travel December 7-8 to Medieval Times in Dallas, Texas; 2012 MHS Louisi-Annes to perform March 26-31 aboard the Carnival cruise ship "Triumph" during Spring Break; Minden High School American History Class to travel December 1-2 to New Orleans to tour the D-Day exhibit; and Brown Upper Elementary 4th and 5th graders to Natchitoches to tour Adai Indian Cultural Center and other educational sites on December 9.

The next WP School Board meeting will be Monday, December 5.






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