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Oct 01st

Athlete suspended for striking coach

A North Webster High School football player who was arrested for striking his coach is under suspension and awaiting a disciplinary hearing.

Springhill Police Chief Will Lynd said his department arrested 17-year-old Jeffrey Walker Wednesday, October 19 after they were notified about the incident.

"He got into a fight with another player during football practice and once they were separated, the coaches pulled them apart," Lynd said. "The fight was over and done with and he (Walker) broke away from the coach that had him and ran over and hit the other coach.

Walker was charged with battery on a schoolteacher, according to Lynd, and the "judge set a $10,000 bond on him."

Walker bonded out the following night around 11.

The excitement of a first homecoming for the new school body was a great diversion from the incident, according to Jeff Franklin, principal of North Webster High School.

In an e-mail to the Press-Herald Franklin said, "You must remember that although he is considered an adult, Jeffrey Walker is first and foremost a student here at North Webster High and any information I am able to give I cannot discuss his discipline issue or punishment.

"As far as the school was concerned, there seemed to be some excitement about the incident on Thursday, but with last week being homecoming, minds quickly shifted from the negative to the excitement of homecoming," Franklin continued.

Franklin also said he was a little concerned about the television publicity of the incident, but thus far he has not seen any negative impact from that either.

"As far as a message for other students goes, I guess my best statement would be that the faculty and staff of North Webster High School will always treat our students with dignity and respect and in return we expect to be treated the same way by our students," he said.

"We do not tolerate student disrespect or student violence towards other students or faculty and staff," he continued.

According to school law LA RS 14:34.3 - Assault or Battery of School Employees: Whenever a pupil is formally accused of violating state law or school disciplinary regulations, or both, by committing assault or battery on any school employee, the principal shall suspend the pupil from school immediately and the pupil shall be removed immediately from the school premises without the benefit of required procedures, provided, however, that such procedures shall follow as soon as practicable. The student shall not be readmitted to the school to which the employee is assigned until all hearings and appeals associated with the alleged violation have been exhausted. Any student, after being suspended for assault or battery of a school employee, may be expelled for four (4) complete semesters.






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