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Oct 01st

Home and Heart Repairs

We recently got a new roof on our house. Everyone needs to check the roof from time to time. Our neighbor brought this to our attention and we are so thankful. Other homeowners around the neighborhood are having various repairs and updates done to their homes too. This must be the season to get it all done - before a harsh winter arrives.(Farmers’ Almanac).

Taking care of our residence is a very basic but important task. I am not bent toward doing a lot of handy work, so I rely on those who are skilled to help me in such times. Like when the electronic panel went "dead" on the stove a while back. It wasn't the breaker, nor the switch on the stove. Eventually, we had the entire panel replaced which cost almost as much as a new stove.

This week several hundred folks are here in Minden to help with the construction of eight homes for the Fuller Housing Projects.
Volunteers from all over Minden are helping each day as well. Soon the project will be completed and families will be excited to claim their "new homes".

But almost immediately, each will have to inventory needed 'touch-ups' ...and the race begins.

There always seems to be a leaky faucet, toilet repairs, seasonal checks for air/heat units or for termites. You get the picture I am sure! Being a home-owner is a full time job if done properly. One has to be on guard at all times, with a paint brush in one hand and a hammer in the other.

Keeping our hearts in 'spiritual repair' is much like this. It demands constant attention. Paul gives guidance to this in Romans 7 & 8.

He writes how sin just won't leave us alone even though we know the ultimate victory has been won through the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord. And until we vacate this earthly body and are clothed in the righteousness of our Lord, united in eternity with Him, we will have to content with sin lurking in the shadows of our lives. Yes, we have to be in a constant state of 'construction on our hearts', keeping five steps ahead of the adversary. A placard we all are wearing, whether we know it or not is this: Caution, Life Under Construction.






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