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Oct 02nd

Harrington’s Little Tiders handle Red Bulls


Minden Athletic and Patillio’s also get wins

Results from last week's little football action at the Minden Recreation Complex.

Tuesday, October 11

Second through fourth-grade division

Minden Athletic Crimson Tide 40, Cooper Tires Cobras 6

Chance Mitchell led the Tide with 167 yards and touchdown runs of 85, 54 and 28-yards. Gregory Douglas had a 70-yard touchdown and an extra point and 83 yards, and Austin King had touchdowns of 20 and five-yards. Tre Abney added 32 yards and an extra point, and Eric Lander had 30 yards and two points.

Mitchell and Douglas led the defense.

Fernundo Thornton scored on a 45-yard touchdown run to lead the Cobras. Trevor McLean added 14 yards, and Harrison Sweeney and Thornton led the defense in tackles.

Fifth & sixth-grade division

Patillo's Punishers 49, Wemberly Ins. Mohawks 0

JeCareon Lathan led the Punishers with 128 yards. He scored two touchdowns (13 and 50-yards) and two extra points. Jamarious Shine had touchdown runs of 45, 20 and 10-yards and an extra point. For the game he totaled 80 yards. Earl Banks had a 45-yard touchdown, and Cordell Taylor scored from five-yards out. Ken'Dereck Charles had 24 yards and an extra point, Hunter Wilkes had 10 yards and two extra points and Cody Chase had five yards and one extra point. Nycholas Williams added 51 yards.

Michael Turner, Christion Mardis and Ken'Dereck Charles all led the defense.

Albert Taylor (13 yards), Chase Mitchell (12) and Christopher Edmond (10) all had yardage for the Mohawks. Jordan Hamilton and Mitchell both led the defense.

Thursday's Games

Second through fourth-grade division

Little Tiders 26, Gibsland Bank & Trust Tigers 0

Ja'Dyah Taylor led the Little Tiders with 74 yards. He added a six-yard touchdown and an extra point. Kameron Edwards added 61 yards and a touchdown (45 yards), and Austin Sims had a 57-yard touchdown. Aldravion Taylor had 61 yards, Jaylen Jackson had 26 yards and a score (10 yards) and Michael Whitehead had 10 yards and an extra point.

Dorrce Eason and Ja'Dyah Taylor each led the defense and Whitehead had an interception.

Kevin Ward led the Tigers with 19 yards. Timothy McMullen added seven yards and Cade Ebarb added one. Ward, Felix Weston and Braedyn Frye each led the defense.

Fifth & sixth-grade division

Harrington's Little Tiders 34, Red Bulls 14

TyChristopher Harris led the Little Tiders with 130 yards and three touchdowns. He scored from 40, 20 and six-yards out. Nathaniel White added 122 yards and a 45-yard touchdown, and TyQuan Edwards had a six-yard touchdown. KenTravion Rogers had 17 yards and two extra points and Max Edwards had nine yards and two more extra points.

Alonzo Lister and Harris each led the defense.

DeTaviais Frazier Elkins led the Red Bulls with 121 yards, including a 65-yard touchdown run. Marcus Smith had a seven-yard touchdown and Orien Smith had seven yards and two extra points. Zack Morris added two yards. Orien Smith, Morris and Robert Fuentes all led the defense.






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