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Oct 02nd

Cadets show ‘em how


Ten young men, chosen to represent their school in a positive way, recently received training from five young men striving to give back to the community.

Cadets from the Youth Challenge Program (YCP) volunteered their knowledge to Richardson Elementary fifth graders who have been chosen for the school's honor guard.

According to Principal Linda Hudson, the two students chosen from each homeroom to perform the honor guard daily duties throughout the school year are selected because they best represent the school's Roadrunner R's: Responsibility, Respect and Reliability.

Altogether there are 20 boys chosen from the fourth and fifth grade homerooms who will rotate monthly in groups of five to start each school day with the hoisting of the American flag and end each day with the lowering of the flag.

The YCP cadets were invited to train the younger boys in efforts to pass proper knowledge to the fifth grade honor guard who will then pass down their knowledge to the fourth grade honor guard.

"The fifth graders' responsibility will be to move the fourth graders in – they will peer and teach them, which will also bring our school together." Hudson said. "We are trying to move our school into a positive school culture and climate."

The knowledge of procedure and the responsibilities of being a leader are important to Hudson, who said she wanted the honor guard trained to enforce the importance of, "respect for our school, for our flag, respect for what they are doing and how they do it."






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