Minden Press-Herald

Sep 23rd

Living on a Prayer, Hope and a "Hand-Me-Downs"

Many of us grew up in poor circumstances, during or right after World War 2. Times were good, but times were hard! We just did not know how poor we were until the politicians in DC began to tell us. But even dirt farmers had much to be thankful for in those days. We had milk cows, hogs for pork, steers for beef, chickens (every Sunday), eggs galore, corn to grind for cornmeal, big garden and acres of corn, peas and sine peanuts. (What more could we need?) Many of us lived on prayers, a little bit of hope, thankful for those hand-me-downs, and a lot of sweat! We all knew what it meant to be thankful for the meager things in life the Lord had entrusted us with. Yes, He provides, no matter how hard times are.

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