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Oct 01st

Sex offender poses as doctor

eric_lewisA convicted sex offender is back in jail after failing to comply with the conditions of his release.

Eric Levelle Lewis, 30, of Springhill, was arrested for failing to admit in writing that he was a sex offender when he registered for school and for impersonating a doctor and certified fitness trainer.

According to Webster Parish Sheriff Gary Sexton, Lewis has a previous conviction of carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

Lewis failed to register as a sex offender at a local vocational-technical school where he was taking a course to become an over-the-road driver of 18 wheelers.

"Lewis did not notify the school that he was a sex offender, nor did he tell the sheriff's office that he was attending the school," Sexton said. "Both of those acts are against the law."

In addition, Lewis has been passing out business cards portraying himself as a doctor, said the sheriff.

"Lewis is neither a doctor, nor a certified fitness trainer," Sexton said. "And we want to know if anybody has been contacted by Lewis or received one of his business cards."

Sheriff's Capt. Debbie Haynes and detectives Lt. Scott Tucker and Sgt. T.D. Kemp Jr. made the arrest at Camp Minden where Lewis was attending the driving course offered by the school.

Tucker said the school staff learned Lewis was a registered sex offender and contacted the sheriff's department.

"The requirements set by the state and by the guidelines of his case say he has to report to us if he is going to school or anything like that," Tucker said. "There were complaints at the school where he was attending from teachers and students about his aggressive behavior toward females."

lewis_cardWhile attending school, Lewis reportedly handed out one of his business cards to a student, who turned it over to authorities.

"When we arrested him, he had 12 business cards on him," Tucker said. "It states 'Nice Body Fitness' at the top and at the bottom, it says "Call Me Today – Let's Do It.'"

Tucker echoed the sheriff's request.

"We're interested in whether he has contacted anybody as a fitness trainer," Tucker said. "He likes to go to the 24-hour fitness centers and say he's a trainer and pass out these cards.

Tucker said as a new conviction, Lewis will fall under the Justin Bloxom Act, which was signed into law by Gov. Bobby Jindal in 2010. The bill was filed following the March 30, 2010 murder of 12-year-old Justin Bloxom, of Stonewall.

The state law prohibits sex offenders from certain types of employment, including driving taxi cabs, limousines and buses. It also probihits service-type jobs, where entry would be allowed into homes.

According to the detective, cross-country truck driving and personal trainer fall under the new Act.






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