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Sep 30th

Pair of burglaries solved

Jeremiah_ChaseRushun_SterlingAnother arrest has been made by Minden Police in the August 6 firearms burglary of a local pawn shop.

Jeremiah Chase, 17, of the 200 block of Joel Street, has been charged with aggravated burglary after a juvenile already charged in the case told police Chase was involved.

Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper said Chase was arrested August 20.

"Chase admitted he and two others were involved in the theft of assault rifles and shotguns from the pawn shop," Cropper said.

Eighteen-year-old Vittorrio R. Davis and an unidentified juvenile were arrested previously and charged with aggravated burglary. Two others are charged with illegal possession of stolen firearms.

"Chase admitted he had one of the assault rifles in his possession, but it was one we had already recovered," Cropper said. "Then, we connected Chase to a break-in at Nadio's Deli on Broadway a couple of weeks ago."

In that break-in, food, drinks and a flat screen television were taken. Chase was charged with simple burglary in that case, according to the chief.

"In interviewing Chase, we learned that Rushun Sterling was also involved in the Nadio's burglary," Cropper said. "He was brought in and advised of his rights. Sterling admitted he was involved, and the flat screen television was located at his residence."

Sterling, 18, and Chase share the same address. One of the unidentified juveniles in the pawn shop burglary is also charged in the break-in at Nadio's Mini Mart.

"Nadio's was broken into again earlier this week," Cropper said, "but Chase and the juvenile were already incarcerated."






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