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Oct 02nd


We would like to send a belated happy holiday wish to those voted and devoted hired hands in Washington, D.C. whose only purpose is to provide for the well-being of us little people.

Monday, as you know, was April 1. Whether one refers to it by its popular April Fool's Day or by the more ancient All Fools Day, either perfectly fits the overwhelming majority of the D.C.-ites. Too bad Congress didn't go ahead and proclaim it a recess day in honor of themselves.

After all, in the words of someone more humorous than your humble observer, every day in D.C. is some fool's day. The only problem: We are usually on the receiving end and that's no joke.

Speaking of being pranked, a recently released poll conducted by Southern Media & Opinion Research shows Gov. Bobby Jindal's popularity on the mega-shrink. According to the poll, just 38 percent of likely voters give the governor a positive approval rating while 60 percent turn thumbs down on his performance.

If you're looking for a turnaround of epic proportions, consider that just one year ago Jindal's fans outnumbered his detractors by a 61-36 margin. An interesting point: President Barak Obama's approval rating in Louisiana currently stands at around 43 percent. Looks like even the president's health care package, his gun control stance and his handling of foreign policy are more popular in the state than Jindal's tax swap.

Some members of the governor's administrative team pooh-poohed the poll, pointing out that those questioned were from Louisiana only while none from states where Jindal has fund raised were polled.

Sources in Baton Rouge say signs of the governor's fall from grace are beginning to surface. According to one insider, several Republican legislators have begun to openly criticize the governor and his plans without fear of being demoted. Perhaps the most worrisome evidence that Jindal has taken a serious nose dive: Timmy Teeple will not return his phone calls and Sean Hannity hasn't mentioned the governor in a coon's age.

On the subject of popularity, remember the popular decision by the White House to shut down public tours of the "people's house" because of sequester cuts? Apparently shutting the doors extends only to commoners and not the beautiful people who deserve the same elevated status as the current occupants.

In an example of how saving a penny here and there can deliver positive results, the White House has ponied up enough cash to continue its star-packed concert series, "In Performance at the White House."

Later this month, "Memphis Soul" will serenade and star strike Michelle and Barak with performances by Al Green, Queen Latifah, Cyndi Lauper and the overwhelmingly talented and popular, Justin Timberlake. There are even more special people scheduled to take up space at "our" house. It's good to know our budget slicings are being well spent for the good of all of us.

To prove that 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue still belongs to us, First Lady Michelle assured Americans via an assembled workshop group that she and her husband still considered this residence open to all.

"...we make sure that we do these workshops so that you all know that this is your house, too," Ms. Obama told those who attended a workshop for the film "42" conducted in the State Dining Room. The only thing missing which would have made YHO feel warm and fuzzy about the "our house" deal was a group of fifth graders walking past the dining room while on tour.

Apparently, only those common enough to qualify as workshoppers or who have about fifty grand in petty cash can be guaranteed access to the people's house.
Allow us to conclude by handing out the umpteenth annual "Irony of Ironies" award. This honor goes to the president hizzownself for proclaiming April "National Financial Capability Month" during which his administration will, among other things, teach young people how to budget responsibly.

This coming from an administration that has increased the national debt by more than $53,000 per household. Yeah, I know...it all started under the administration of those nasty Republicans. But no one has yet to prove that anyone in D.C. has ever believed the words "budget" and "responsible" can truly be used in the same sentence, much less back-to-back.

Pat Culverhouse is a journalist and political columnist who lives in Minden. You may contact him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .






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