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Oct 02nd

Minden’s little league boys get back into action

The Minden Rec. Basketball season began recently with a flurry of games. Here are the scores and results from last week's boys' games.

7 & 8 year old boys

Triple Threat 29, 3 C's 11

Kameron Wilson led Triple Threat with 15 points and Jai'Den Jones scored six. Jaylin Williams had four and Rediginal Moore and Ty'Jaylin Kemp both had two.

Deonte Jackson led 3C's with seven points and Michael Woodford and Cortland Walker both had two.

Dream Chasers 32, Bulls 16

TyDarrium Green led the Dream Chasers with 12 points and Elliot Sheppard scored nine. Jamarid Clark scored six points and Ta'Keviunte Kidd had four. Dexter Smith added one.

Eddie Markay scored eight points to lead the Bulls. Jaiveon Harris had six and D.J. Carter scored two.

Dream Chasers 32, Tripple Threat 14

Jamaria Clark led teh Dream Chasers with 16 points and Ta'Keviunte Kidd added six. Bryson Thompson and Elliot Sheppard both scored four points and Ty'Darrium Green had two.

Kameron Wilson scored 10 points and Jordan Coleman had four for Tripple Threat.

3 C's 16, Bulls 10

Deonte Jackson led 3 C's with eight points and Michael Woodford, Byron Garner, Johnathan Hardiman and Makel Hawk all had two points.

Jaiveon Harris scored eight and Eddie Markray had two for the Bulls.

9 & 10 year old boys

Gibsland Bank & Trust 32, Knicks Workhard 31

Shondell Gill Jr. led GB&T with 15 points and Travion Sanders scored nine. Matthew Jackson, Kameron Edwards, Ta'Darius Key and Felia Weston each scored two.

Curtis Carter had 13 points and Kierran Combs had 12 to lead the Knicks. Kyron Kennon, Justin Desadier and Nathan Ben each had two.

Devine Services 34, Minden's Finest 20

Jay'Shun Miller scored 15 points to lead Devine Services. Ken'Darrius Moore and Jordan Duty both scored six points and Justin Richardson had three. Javis Moore and Jaylon Jenkins both scored two.

Aldravion Taylor led Minden's Finest with 11 points. Bryson Turner scored three points and Tyler Jefferson, Travis Cross and Daiquiri Powell each had two.

Devine Services 37, GB&T 21

Jay'Shun Miller scored 14 points to lead Devine Services. Roman Tolbert and Jaylon Jenkins both scored six points and Cartez Alexander Jr. scored five. Antonio Coleman had two points and Ken'Darrius Moore had four.

Travion Sanders scored 14 points to lead GB&T. Kameron Edwards scored five points and Shondell Gill had two.

Minden's Finest 49, Knicks Workhard 21

Aldravion Taylor scored 20 points to lead Minden's Finest. Tyler Jefferson scored 10 points and Jyrell McClendon had eight. Travis Cross and Daiquiri Powell both had four points and Bryson Turner scored three.

Kiernan Combs scored nine points to lead the Knicks. Curtis Carter scored six points and Kyron Kennon, Hy'Keem and Nathan Ben all scored two points each.

11 to 12 year old boys

Patillo's Tar Heels 36, Heat 28

Corey Williams led the Tar Heels with 18 points. Nathaniel White scored six and Chance Mitchell had five. Cedric Emerson scored three and Dailyn Thomas and Rodney Johnson both had two.

Chauncell Jenkins scored 15 to lead the Heat and John Buggs and Ziyon Crawford both had five. KenTrivon Rogers had three.

318 Dream Team 34, Knick Play Hard 21

KerTravion Oliver led the Dream Team with 13 points. Tyrese Myles scored 10 and Determon Lewis had five. Deandre Marcus had four and Chris Edmond had two.

Ken'Trell Parker led the Knicks with 11 points. Barron Bailey (3), Antonio McClendon (2), Zach Morris (2), Jamarious Shelton (2) and Nycholas Williams (1) all added points.

Warriors 30, Harper Motors 17

Alonzo Lister led the warriors with 14 points. Branthony Brown scored six, Jadamian Lewis had four, and Robert Fuentes, Lee Ware and Jamarea Lewis each had tow.

Lemoris Jackson scored six to lead Harper Motors. Shane Siah scored four and Demetrius Debose had three. David Lockett and Shatardrick Batton both had two.

Heat 51, 318 Dream Team 31

Jalen Ivory scored 14 to lead the Heat. Kentravion Rogers scored 12 points and Chauncell Jenkins had nine. Ziyon Crawford scored six and Semaj' Solomon and John Buggs both had three. Tazdarium Harris and Jaylon Teal both scored two.

Determon Lewis had 11 points to lead the Dream Team. KenTravion Oliver scored nine, and Jordan Hamilton had five. Deontai Lingston had four points and Chris Edmond had two.

318 Dream Team 46, Warriors 24

Kertravion Oliver scored 12 points to lead the Dream Team. Determon Lewis scored nine points and Tyrese Myles had eight. Jarrion Hampton scored five.

Alonzo Lister led the Warriors with 14 points and Jamarea Lewis scored four. De'Correy Bridges had three points and Brantley Brown and Lee Ware both had two.






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