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Sep 21st

Life's Choices

We all know our lives are guided by the choices we make. Each day there are many such decisions and often we make them without much thought. However, there are some decisions that lead us right up to a wall, a mountain or into deep valleys. This is when we must stop, breathe deeply and dig deep within our faith-system, and fervently pray. Life choices are not always easy, but the end results can bring great blessings from God. That is His intention and desire for us!

Joshua called the Israelites to make a choice as he was on his death bed (Joshua 24:15-21). He led them across the Jordan River into the Promised Land. They conquered Jericho, along with several other key cities and territories. The tribes had laid claim to their chosen regions to settle. Joshua's assignment was complete, except for this one: to lay this challenge (choice) upon the shoulders of the Children of Israel! "Choose you this day whom you will serve!"

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