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Oct 02nd

Money is hot topic at jury meeting

More money was the hot topic at the Webster Parish Police Jury's Road Committee meeting on Tuesday as a discussion about how much to pay over-time litter crews met with some questions.

At last month's meeting, the jury agreed to enter into an intergovernmental agreement with the Webster Parish Sheriff's Office on litter control.

This agreement allows the jury to have litter crews (made of Penal Farm prisoners and supervised by an officer) clearing litter, underbrush and mowing on four 10 hour days and two eight hour days. The cost was proposed at $20 an hour, which will go to the supervising officer.

Now, the two eight-hour days may be paid at a rate of $25 an hour. The jury decided to discuss the matter with the sheriff's office before approving the additional costs. A vote on the amount will be held at next month's meeting.

The jury also approved the abandonment of J.D. Clayton Road.

At last month's meeting District 3 juror Daniel Thomas said no one lives on this road, the houses are abandoned, the area looks "rough" and there is a lot of illegal activity (such as illegal trash dumping) taking place.

"Residents are really wanting to close it," Thomas said. "If someone shows up and wants it to stay open, we may have to go to other means."

Only one landowner appeared and he was in favor of closing the road.

Other agenda items included:

Adopted an ordinance regulating traffic at the Webster Parish Landfill, including speed limits;

Approved a speed limit of 35 mph on Frye Road;

Discussed blacktopping Haynie Road at an estimated cost of $8,000;

Discussed adding a four-way stop sign to the intersection of Benson and Blue Run Road; and,

Approved $150,000 in materials and labor for the City of Springhill to resurface city streets.

The next road committee/police jury meeting will be held at 9:30 a.m. on August 2 in the police jury meeting room at the Webster Parish Courthouse.






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