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Sep 30th

Letters from camp have family focus

Children attending the Summer Arts Camp at City Art Works worked hard to write a story explaining why they love their families. Below is one of those stories.

More stories can be found inside on page five and in Monday's edition of the Minden-Press Herald.

If you are interested in your child attending Summer Art Camp, contact Art Camp director Suzanne Matamoros at 540-2205.

Why I love my Family

Melanie Tobin

Age 9

I love my mother because she loved me so much she gave me away so I could have a better life. She knew she could not afford to keep me, but when I found out I was adopted I wasn't mad. I knew she did what she did just so I could have a good life. I want to meet her someday.

I love my adoptive mom because she takes care of me. She buys me stuff I want. She believes in me and helps me. I love her most of all because she wanted me more than any other person in the room did.

I love my dad because he also believes in me. He loves me. He also helps me and he cares about me. He taught me a lot of stuff when I was little.

I love my sister because she made me smile. She loved me and she believed in me.

I love my grandma because she taught me how to color. She taught me to draw. Now she even keeps most of them hanging on the wall by her chair in the living room.

I love my grandpa because he also hangs up my pictures. He buys me anything and takes me anywhere I want to go.

I love my brother because he taught me how to swim. He is always there for me. He taught me my manners. He taught me to play sports. He also taught me how to play my Wii.

These are all the reasons I love my family.






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