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Oct 02nd

Non-Public school commitee

The LHSAA comprises membership of an incredibly wide variety, ranging from large public schools in urban settings to small parochial schools in rural areas, and everything in between. Each school must deal with issues and concerns unique to their own particular classification and situation.

One of the greatest functions of our association is bringing such distinct members and stakeholders together for the greatest mutual benefit for all members and their student-athletes, who are at the heart of every rule, decision and activity the LHSAA sanctions. However, such interactions occur with the caveat that not all member interests align regarding certain logistical matters. This is an inherent by-product of having such diversity in our membership, and it is important that the various distinct membership groups be able to congregate and communicate.

Among my first acts as executive director of the LHSAA in 2007 was forming the Non-Public School Committee, which affords our non-public school members an opportunity to meet and share perspectives on different facets of interscholastic athletics outside our general membership meetings and annual convention.

The committee, which meets once yearly, comprises representatives from Catholic and other parochial schools, independent private schools and lab schools. A public school representative from the LHSAA Executive Committee also sits on the Non-Public School Committee.

The primary purpose of the Non-Public School Committee is to improve relations between the LHSAA’s public and private school members. This committee also allows non-public school members to share insights on issues such as recruiting, classification, home-school students, attendance zones and transfer rules, scholastic requirements and more. Any and every rule or facet of LHSAA administration is a legitimate topic for discussion by this committee.

Additionally, the committee meeting allows non-public school representatives to have further discussions among their own ranks of matters and concerns raised at the LHSAA Annual Convention, such as proposed regulations and rule-changes, reclassification and other topics.

The committee has operated smoothly since its inception and exemplifies the communication and member relations principles the LHSAA strives to maintain.

LHSAA to help families with recruiting

The Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) is proud to provide a new nonprofit service designed to assist families in being properly educated about the athletic collegiate recruiting process.

The Recruiting Education Foundation Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit venture, is now providing LHSAA with recruiting webinars for high school athletes and their families in the state of Louisiana. The webinar is available at no cost, and can be accessed through the homepage of www.lhsaa.org.

LHSAA Executive Director Kenny Henderson said of the webinar launch, “All too often our families are being tempted to spend money in order to have their child recruited. LHSAA feels families should listen to our recruiting webinar prior to allocating any sum of money into recruiting. LHSAA feels this service will do a long way in properly educating families about the recruiting process and assist them in making proper decisions about the recruiting process.”

Kenny Henderson is the Executive Director of the LHSAA.






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