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Oct 01st

Your Day Shall Come

John 5:7-9 The impotent man answered him, Sir, I have no man, when the water is troubled, to put me into the pool: but while I am coming, another steppeth down before me.

In life it is easy to miss out on great opportunities due to the lack of patience. It is said that good things come to people that wait, but many opportunities are missed for hesitancy to move. I've come to understand that patience is a virtue because it surely shows forth strength.

Here in the scripture above we see a man that has had an issue for thirty-eight years (John 5:5). He knew nothing but diseases and people that were in the same kind of condition in life that he was in. For years I imagine this man saw others being healed, but it seemed that his day would never come. He wanted to be healed and delivered but he had one problem. For he had no man to put him into the pool when the angel troubled the water (John 5:7).

He was so bogged down in what he was going thru that even when Jesus asked him did he want to be made whole, he told the same story to Jesus that he probably told many (John 5:6). I have no man to help me. For years he saw others get blessed. He was able to see miracle after miracle, year after year, but it seemed that hid day would never come. In our waiting, we must learn to dance in the rain. We must too learn to celebrate with others as they experience greatness, because our day will surely come. Don't get weary; just wait on God for he will surely come (Hab 2:2, Gal 6:9). That's all this man really needed was what Jesus gave him, a Word. For it is the Word of God that brings us victory in life. And we see here that it was the words of Jesus that brought about a miracle. Jesus spoke a word over this man's situation. Rise, take up thy bed and walk, said Jesus (John 5:8). And immediately there was deliverance. Maybe you've been waiting patiently on your miracle. I encourage you to not lose hope, but to be patient and use the Word of God to speak over your situation. Though it seems that your day will never come, just wait as this man did and watch God at work.






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