Minden Press-Herald

Oct 01st

Sustaining Love

"If I should say, "My foot has slipped," Thy lovingkindness, O LORD, will hold me up." Psalm 94:18 NASB

Have you ever walked on a log across a stream of water? Then your foot slipped on that green growth on the log. Off you would go into the water. The psalmist is talking about walking the path of life.

If his foot slipped off that log, death would come. It is only God’s love that keeps him up.

God’s love is revealed through His compassionate grace and mercy toward those who trust Him. God’s love is like the hand of the Father, keeping his child from falling off the log into the water of despair, trial, trouble, and eternal death.

Lord Jesus, You showed Your love for me by going to the cross of Calvary for me. Help me to share that love with others so their feet will not slip.

Rev. Max Hutto is the Minister of Music and Education at North Acres Baptist Church in Minden. More information can be found at www.upwardlook.org.






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