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Sep 30th

Remembering My Father

joshFather’s Day is Sunday: Hug Your Dad, Tell Him you Love Him

The first LSU football game I attended was in 1989. The Tigers were playing the University of Florida, a school at the time featuring a running back by the name of Emmitt Smith.

Back then, college football games could end in ties and with just one second remaining the score was all tied at 13.

I remember looking at my dad and saying, "well at least we didn't lose."

He looked back and remarked, "a lot can happen in one second, bub." He was right. Florida lined up for a field goal, and as that last second ticked off the Gators won 16-13.

A lot can happen in a second.

My world changed forever in just one second nearly three years ago when I learned of my father's death.

Life has not been the same without Dwight Beavers. I think of him often and I still miss him dearly. In his obituary I wrote that my father was friendly to all and a friend to many. You see, my father was loved by more than just his family. He was a good man who always had a smile on his face and was always willing to talk about whatever you had on your mind.

In the days following his death, many people spoke with me to express their condolences and to tell me how good of a man my father was. With the passage of time, all those comments have sort of blurred together. But one remains bright, "Your dad was the kind of man we should all strive to be. He was the kind of man we should all look up to," was what the fella said.

As do all family members who mourn the loss of a loved one, I hope my father knew how many people cared about him.

I'm not one to blame God for taking my father too soon. I'm just thankful that the dear Lord let me have him for 30 years. I'm thankful that the dear Lord let my mother have him for 40.

I'm thankful that my wife was able to know him for a decade. And I'm thankful that the dear Lord let my baby girl know her Pop for two wonderful years.

However, there are some things I deeply regret.

I regret that he isn't here to hold his newest grandchild upon the baby's birth come November. I regret he didn't get a chance to see how unique and wonderful a child little Lorelai has become. I regret that he never got a chance to read my book in its completed and final form. A work of historic fiction about a Cherokee father searching for his missing child, my father would have appreciated the novel. Truthfully, he is really the only person I ever wanted to know the story.

And I regret he will never again watch LSU with me.

But thankful, always thankful I remain. For my father and I were able to share so many wonderful moments.

That Florida game was the first of many we saw in person, and for some 20 years we never missed watching a game together that came on television.

We saw greats like Hodson and Hester, Flynn and Faulk, Rohan and Russell. These names are the stuff of legend at LSU. Heroes clad in purple and gold.

But they are not my heroes.

My hero's name was Dwight Beavers. Please never forget it.

And to you daddy, today I say Geaux Tigers. I say Happy Father's Day.

I say, I love you.

Josh Beavers is the publisher and editor of the Minden Press-Herald. You can e-mail him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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