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Oct 01st

Law rings up phone burglar

photoMichaelGrandA Little Rock man that hit 29 wireless retail stores in four states has been rung up on burglary charges by law enforcement agencies.

Twenty-four-year-old Michael Grand was arrested in Ward, Arkansas and will face extradition to Minden under a warrant for simple burglary when he attempts to make bond.

Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper said Grand hit stores in Ruston, Minden, Springhill and Magnolia on December 24.

"He did it in that order and each break-in was about 30 to 45 minutes apart," Cropper said. "He didn't even know this area. He was using GPS to locate the stores.

"From our store alone, he stole $16,000 worth of high-end touch screen merchandise," Cropper continued. "He admitted to doing it and said he was looking specifically for 'smartphones.'"

Last week, Little Rock law enforcement reportedly picked up Grand on warrants for another offense.

However, Cropper said video surveillance at the Minden location identified Grand as a suspect, and the work of law enforcement agencies in Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, were key in cracking the case.

"After we were advised that he was arrested, detectives Keith King and Chris Cheatham drove to Ward and questioned him pertaining to our burglary," said the chief. "He admitted to burglarizing our store. He also admitted to burglarizing 29 total."

Some of the stolen merchandise was reportedly located at a residence belonging to Grand's girlfriend.

"He stole what could add up to almost a half million dollars of merchandise," Cropper said. "He had sold most of it – only one item from the Minden store was recovered."

According to the chief, all the agencies involved have warrants on Grand, and he is unsure when the suspect can be extradited to Minden.

"Our detectives will be going back up there to get him," Cropper said.






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