Minden Press-Herald

Oct 01st

A big speed bump


Why did the gator cross the road? In this case, we may never know.

But Senior Agent Jared Mciver with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has a theory.

Mciver thinks this gator was looking for another gator to date 'er.

"May and June is breeding time for alligators," Mciver said. "They do a lot of pond-hopping looking for a mate."

Around 3 a.m. one morning last week, an alligator measuring 11 feet, 2 inches decided to cross Highway 164 between Sibley and Doyline and met his fate.

Mciver answered the call.

"He had been hit by a vehicle and when we got there, he was already dead," he said.

The agent said when he arrived at the scene, he expected to find one surprised driver, but no one knows what happened to the vehicle.

"Whoever it was didn't stop," he said.

This time of year, LDWF gets a lot of calls about gators, he said.

Mciver said that when an alligator is pond-hopping and crosses a road, it will often take a break at an inopportune location.

"They're cold-blooded, "Mciver said. "When they get on the road and feel the heat, they just lay down on it because the blacktop feels so good."

Mciver said he doesn't know what happened to the alligator, but when possible – providing too much time hasn't passed – LDWF donates the meat to non-profit groups.






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