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Sep 30th

Readers Speak Out

Jason Smith via Facebook
Jason Smith“ Personally, I  think the best way to stop something like a school shooting from happening would be instituting some kind of reporting system and training that would allow students, teachers and others to know the signs of a troubled teen and allow them to report them to school authorities in a meaningful and timely matter.

Normal kids don't just shoot up a school for no reason. There are always signs and symptoms before something like that happens. Training students and teachers on what to look for and then allowing them to report in on some kind of online/anonymous drop box could be very helpful.”

Paula Pickler Hadwin via Facebook

“As a teacher for 32 years, I would hate to think that I had to be armed at school! When I think about the Navy Seal that was gunned down, it makes me wonder how a little training of a teacher could possibly work. The ‘bad guys’ or even a student could get hold of a gun and turn it on the rest of the class and school. I believe there might be enough veterans around (who are trained in weapons) to be hired or even volunteer to protect our precious students.”









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