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Sep 19th

T'was the Week before Easter

This week before Easter is so special in our Christian heritage. So many things happened in that short span of time. All that Jesus taught about His purpose and pending death were crowding in on mankind, just as the prophets of old had written. Walk through the Gospels with Jesus and His disciples for that week and you will experience many encounters with the Messiah. You can see and feel Him emerging from Jesus the man to Jesus the Savior of the world.

Matthew records Jesus' triumphant entry into to Jerusalem (Matt 21). Prophetic teachings of Zechariah 9 are quoted, as well as the Psalm 118:26 passage.Several parables are used also in chapter 21 as Jesus continues to teach the disciples and confront his combatants. (Fig Tree, Two Sons and The Tenants) and more. Matt. 22-25 records more parables, confrontations and 'woes'. But some of the greatest teachings are found here too: 22:34 (The Greatest Commandment) and the all-important question is posed "Whose Son is the Christ"? Matt 24 contains 'signs of the end of the age' with predictions that parallel many world-happenings we see all around today. "keep watch for we know not the hour you Lord will come." (42).

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