Minden Press-Herald

Oct 02nd

Separation Anxiety


Minden Police, store personnel reunite child, guardian

Minden Black Friday shoppers may be able to shop calmly knowing Minden Police Department and store personnel are on duty and willing to help.

During a local discount store's sale Thursday night, tension and anxiety may have been high as several children were separated from their guardians.

However, Minden Police Department was on duty to provide assistance and calm fears as parties were reunited.

Black Friday shoppers may want to reconsider taking children along to crowded stores where they can easily be separated from their guardians.

If shoppers do take children to the annual sale, which has caused fights among customers and been attributed to deaths, they might find these tips helpful.

Provide your child with a copy of their identification and your contact information to present to store clerks, security guards and police officers should they become separated from you.

Explain who are safe people to talked to in the event they are separated from you.

Before you go into a store, determine a 'safe spot' to meet.

Be aware of your child's emotions and comfort level.






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