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Sep 30th

Tribute to the Deserving

Please bear with your humble observer as he pays homage to some of the dimmest bulbs in the kitchen.

Under the headline of Endorsement or Embarrassment, we find ourselves wondering who the deuce is responsible for putting together the soul stirring videos and photo backdrops at functions as important as the Democratic National Convention. Our question arises in the wake of claims that a tribute to U.S. military vets at the final night's DNC love fest included a patriotic display of not so friendly warships.

According to an article in The Navy Times, a couple of naval experts said they were positive the ships displayed on an enormous screen behind rows of veterans, fronted by retired U.S. Admiral John Nathman, belonged to the Russian Federation Navy.

"The ships are definitely Russian," author Norman Polmar said in the story. "There's no question of that in my mind."

Polmar, a naval and aviation expert, joined Navy veteran Rob Barker, an electronics warfare technician, in making the assessment that the fleet shown sailing merrily along is anything but American.

The Navy Times reported it contacted the Democratic National Convention Committee but received a "no comment" from the group. Other media reports (the few and far between) noted that convention officials were "looking into" how such a thing happened, if indeed it did happen.

Although no one apparently has gone on the record since the revelation, a Washington insider who allegedly knows a source inside the Obama administration claims he was told the incident is another Republican dirty trick.

"Hey, it's easy to manipulate a photo of a boat to make it look like another navy's boat," the official reportedly told supporters gathered for a fundraiser. "And, we have it on good authority that the scenes we used were supplied by the White House archivist who's a holdover from the George W. Bush administration. If there was a mistake, and we're not sure there was one, it was Bush's fault."

Our source's source added, "Besides, who's willing to take the word of a couple of alleged veterans who obviously are registered Republicans. For all we know, those could be non-threatening military vessels belonging to our other good friends, the Chinese."

After the photo gaffe hit some news outlets, Republican operatives reportedly leaked information that Democrats were ready to announce a secondary campaign slogan. In addition to "Forward," bumper stickers reportedly were being prepared claiming "Sure As Shootin', We're Backed by Putin."

Those same Republicans are reportedly behind rumors about a soon-to-be released Obama commercial showing the president and his financial advisors high-fiving after receiving great economic news that another loan has been approved by the People's Bank of China.

On another subject, NBC and the producers of "Today" are in line for a well-deserved "Laugh-In" inspired Flying Fickle Finger of Fate award for their decision making prowess. While practically every other news outlet on the planet last week covered the moment of silence commemorating 9-11, NBC opted to ignore the ceremony and discuss Kris Jenner's breast implants.

Jenner, for those of you who believe reality television is a little too unreal to follow, is the mother of the famous Kardashian kids. Amazing, isn't it, that MamaHo's man-molded mammaries are bigger than a salute to the nearly 3,000 innocents who died that day.

There's little wonder this programming decision proves that on Sept. 11, 2012, the biggest boobs on NBC were not Kris Jenner's.

Finally: We've said for months now that we have little faith in political polls. We find it hard to believe that roughly 1,000 likely or registered voters can accurately speak for the habitual voters who, by large numbers, don't tell the truth to those pesky callers who are interrupting their dinners or favorite episode of "NCIS."

Apparently, some put lots of stock in polls...until they don't give the correct (i.e., expected) results. Folks at the reputable polling firm Gallup weren't getting the right answers in some of their polls and a powerful member of the Obama campaign wasn't real happy.

Employees at Gallup have suggested they felt threatened by David Axelrod when questions arose about the methodology of an April survey which showed Mitt Romney up by five points over Barak Obama. Someone at Gallup was invited (i.e., ordered) to come over to the White House and explain how the polling group did things.

One Gallup official emailed a colleague that Axelrod "sounds like a Godfather situation." It's not, sir, unless you wake up one morning with a bloody questionnaire in your bed. Reports from Gallup further allege that when the firm did not change the methods used in its polling, the Obama Justice Department joined a 2009 lawsuit against the firm brought by a former Gallup employee.

Not to worry, though. Things may work out to the benefit of everyone involved. The latest Gallup poll shows President Obama leading Romney by three points. There's only one problem with those numbers, however. Even David Axelrod didn't know the president's cabinet and personal staff were polled.

Pat Culverhouse is a journalist and political columnist who lives in Minden. You may contact him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .






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