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Oct 01st

Jesus Heals the Paralytic

Not all paralytics are healed. Not all surgeries are successful. Not all who pray for healing receives a perfect answer. Many times our prayers are selfish, misguided, or simply out of God's perfect will. But we do find accounts whereby paralytics, blind men, ill women and children are healed by Jesus. He chose to perform such miracles to create a stage whereby He could bring honor and glory to the Heavenly Father. Also, He was teaching valuable lessons to his disciples and others who doubted Him to be the Son of God. (Matt 9-10).

Today Jesus still heals whom He wishes, in whatever manner that pleases Him. We know of some, even here in Minden, who received that divine touch and rose up from the death bed to praise the Lord. There are also many who, by God's power and love working in them, have been able to overcome birth maladies or serious accidents to live productive lives. Consider our many wounded soldiers in various stages of rehab, defying all odds to walk again, or gain control of limbs or overcome their injuries. Many are living testimonies of what God can do in unusual circumstances. David Ring is a good example.

David suffered from Cerebral Palsy at birth. We all know victims like this. Many of whom are not able to cope with their limitations, having to depend on others throughout their lives. David could have easily traveled that road, but he was pushed and motivated along life's rugged road to see 'light on ahead'. He kept struggling through childhood (teasing, mocking and being ridiculed). He overcame the pressures of "you will never...." to mark each one off the negative list as he aged. "Never attend school, never graduate, never go to college, never get married, never have children, etc"...

Today David is an internationally known evangelist with a special message to share. And he will be here in Minden August 5-8 sharing what God has done in his life. Now, he encourages others to look at life's limitations as challenges to 'overcome'! Let God do the impossible! Just be willing to do our part! Yes, faith and trust are keys to achieving such blessings. Don't miss the opportunity to hear this dynamic man of God preach at First Baptist Church during the Senior Adult Revival, August 5-8.

We may not be 'physical paralytics' but we are all cripple in some areas of our lives. God wants us to bring our limitations to Him and allow His love, mercy and grace to perfect us for His glory. He will make us a stronger witness, using us to give hope to others around us. Today, pick up your bed and walk....away from things that are holding you back from being all God would have you become.






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