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Sep 30th

State Rep. Candidates Earn Endorsements

Governor Bobby Jindal: dePingre Knows What it Will Take to Improve State of Louisiana

Dear Editor:
Jerri Ray dePingre’ has the type of real world experience we need in the Legislature. Jerri knows what it will take to improve our education system and how we can create an economic climate that encourages private sector job growth. Please join me in supporting Jerri Ray dePingre’ for House District 10.

Governor Bobby Jindal

Ronnie Broughton: dePingre’s Experience Makes Her Best Candidate

Dear Editor,

The runoff election for State Representative is this Saturday, November 19, 2011 and is the most important election for this office in more than twenty years. This time we have the opportunity to elect someone that has no ties to the political world of yesterday, no ties to the Courthouse Crowd and the "Good old Boy" politics and the cronies it serves, and someone that is shielded from the pressures of the Baton Rouge income redistribution policies of the Democrat Party. That person is Jerri Ray DePingre'.

Jerri is the only candidate that has published her total support of all pro-life issues, traditional marriage, smaller state government, lower taxes, individual freedoms, and personal responsibility.

Jerri is the only candidate with both job producing and business growth experience, the only candidate that understands the burdens of excessive taxes and job killing regulations and that has ever struggled with the demands of big government bureaucrats that always make success more difficult. Jerri is the only candidate with authentic conservative credentials and a record of support of conservative values and a lifetime of effort to improve District 10.

Yes, this election is about the importance of electing someone that is not a career bureaucrat, someone not indebted to the liberal Democrat Party, someone that will be independent of the courthouse bosses, the teachers unions, the big government bureaucrats and others intent on expanding their influence in Baton Rouge and taking away more of our freedoms.

I ask you all to go vote and vote to send to Baton Rouge,the person that lives our North Louisiana values and that person is Jerri Ray DePingre'.

Ronnie Broughton






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