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Oct 01st

Fake twenties circulating

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Trodarion MooreJdarius  Moore

Police arrest brothers for monetary instrument abuse

A couple of Minden brothers are out of circulation for allegedly circulating fake twenty-dollar bills.

Jdarius C. Moore, 18 and Trodarion Moore, 20, of the 500 block of Patrick Street, are charged with monetary instrument abuse.

Jdarius Moore has an additional charge of possession of CDS Sch. I marijuana with intent to distribute, while Trodarion Moore has a charge of obstruction of justice.

Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper said his department received several reports from businesses that had been passed the counterfeit bills.

"Detectives Capt. Dan Weaver and Sgt. Chris Cheatham went to contact Trodarion Moore in reference to the counterfeit bills," Cropper said. "As they approached the residence, they walked past a vehicle parked in the carport, and laying in plan view was what they suspected was one of the counterfeit twenty-dollar bills."

Cropper said when investigators knocked on the door, Jdarius Moore answered.

"They read him his rights, then questioned him about the counterfeit money," said the chief. "Jdarius gave verbal consent for the detectives to search his room. They found no counterfeit money but, during the search, they located 138 grams of suspected marijuana."

As officers were reportedly escorting Jdarius Moore outside, they noticed the twenty-dollar bill was missing from inside the vehicle.

"They confronted Tradarion Moore, advised him of his rights and asked him what he did with the bill," Cropper said. "He escorted Weaver and Cheatham to the backyard and showed them where he hid the bill. His obstruction charge comes from hiding the evidence."

During questioning, Jdarius Moore told detectives he had paid $15 for $250 worth of twenty-dollar bills.

"He claimed he purchased them from an unknown subject," Cropper said. "Detectives have learned that there have been several thousand dollars worth of these counterfeit twenties in this area. Local businesses really need to watch for them."

Det. Sgt. Keith King, Jr. said the real bills have a hologram on the right side that matches President Andrew Jackson's face.

"The fake ones don't have the hologram," King said. "The real bills also have a strip in them that requires a black light to see. A twenty-dollar bill will have an orange strip."

Another way to tell if the bill is real, according to King, is to look at the white strip around the outside edge.

"If it's real, that border will be perfectly even all the way around," he said. "And every one higher than a one-dollar bill will have the strip in it."

So far, King said they have recovered more than 20 of the counterfeit bills, and more than the Moore brothers have been arrested.

"But, no, we're not arresting everybody who passes a fake 20," King said. "The person who gets one can be a victim, too. If you pass a fake bill, do not freak out. It doesn't mean we're going to arrest you."
Bills have reportedly been passed at a couple of fast-food restaurants, a couple of convenience stores, gas stations, a pawn shop and other retail businesses.

King stressed that if an employee believes they have been passed a counterfeit bill, they should not hand it back to the customer.

"Slow down and check your twenties," he suggested. "Do not give the money back. All you're doing is recirculating the bills. If you find one, take it and call the police right then. It doesn't mean you are going to jail."

Detectives say they feel the counterfeit bills are coming from the Shreveport-Bossier area.

More arrests are expected.






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