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Sep 30th

Giving Thanks


From a Child’s Point of View

Children often see things differently than adults; holidays are no exception. The Minden Press-Herald has gathered thoughts of Thanksgiving from three area children that may give you cause to laugh and to reflect.

Kyleigh Haughton, who is four years old, said she knows all about Thanksgiving.

When asked what she likes best about Thanksgiving she could only name one thing.

"The Turkey, because it's like, you know THE turkey. But I don't know what's in it."

Kyleigh said her family puts leftovers up after dinner.

"We put it (the food) up in the 'friderator' for later. We eat it a whole lot. Like one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10 days."

James Williams, who is six and attends Harper Elementary, was excited to be interviewed.

"I know what the paper is. My grandma and me and auntie were at the store and saw a newspaper and they brought it home and my grandpa read it."

James said he looks forward to seeing his Grandpa read about him, then he began to explain Thanksgiving.

"When people don't have stuff, you give it to them and they got to say 'Thank You.' Thanksgiving is also when your parents make everything to eat and your whole family goes to the table and start eating."

James plans on eating turkey, dressing and candy for his holiday dinner, cooked by his grandmother.

"She doesn't cook turkey all the time, but she does at Thanksgiving."

James says leftovers are put in the refrigerator after eating.

"It stays in there a long time. About THIS long (holds arms up). That's how long it stays in there."

James said a prayer is said before the meal at his house and afterward he and his friends play basketball, while the grown ups stay inside.

"They stay in the house and watch TV. They watch Michael Jackson. If you came to my house, you would watch Michael Jackson, too."

Rowan Mascher, who is four, said she doesn't look forward to eating turkey.

"I don't wanna eat turkey legs. I like some fish sticks. Just one. And I drink orange juice."

Rowan's idea of Thanksgiving is one that is creative.

"Thanksgiving is when you have your hand like a turkey. Everybody makes one and colors the feathers. My feathers are red, blue and 'lellow.'"

While this is her first year to make a turkey hand, she predicts she will make one next year.

"I go to school next year and will make one in my new class."

In addition to her future classmates' turkey hands, Rowan believes grown-ups also make turkey hands to celebrate Thanksgiving

"You should make your turkey hand red, 'lellow' and black."

The Minden Press-Herald would like to thank Michele's Little Angles and the parents who allowed us to interview their children. Thank you for allowing us to share your children's comments with the community.






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