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Oct 01st

Keep Focused: Forget the Alligators

A brother-in-law, an amateur cartoonist, has created many humorous captions.One of his funniest (I think) is this 'man standing in a bayou, surrounded by alligators! The caption reads: "it is difficult to keep your mind on the goal of 'draining the bayou' when there are hungry 'gators all around.'

Of course, he stops to fight off the 'gators instead of finding the plugs to drain the swamp. We would shift our focus too, don't you imagine? Sometimes it is just hard to keep our focus on the 'main things' in life.

Life is that way often times. We have good intentions and want to obey the teachings of the Bible. But we allow 'gators and other baggage to entangle us, to slow us down or pull us away from our main assignment. We lose focus of the ultimate goals in life (love God with all our mind, body and soul; love others as we do ourselves). We need to keep Scriptures like Proverbs 3: 5-6; Galatians 6: 10-18; Philippians 4:13 and many other such promises.

Most scholars encourage us to "meet the Lord in the morning when our minds are fresh and most alert". Spending time in Bible study, devotional reading and prayer will prepare our spiritual mind and attitude for a day-long focused relationship with the Lord. As the hymn-writer reminds us: To walk in Sonlight, all the day long! Stay focused with Jesus. Let Him be the Guide.






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