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Oct 02nd

Honor Thy Parents

In the Ten Commandments, God points out the importance of children honoring their parents. In fact, it is the first commandment linked with a promise –"that you may live long in the land the Lord our God is giving you". (Exodus 20).

It was part of the cultural heritage being instilled within the nation of Israel.

Wandering through the wilderness for those forty years, one can see the importance of having family structures -- therewere 'bedrolls to be handled each morning, tents folded to move,  water to be secured, and the daily care of bodily habits (especially with the young children), along with washing those dirty feet, etc".

Where's Mother?  While the men were complaining to Moses, the mothers were back in camp do all these chores,preparing the daily manna and cooking the quail, plus others. Some things never seem to change.

Even in today's society, it is evident the role Mothers has in family life. We men just aren't equipped with the same emotional stability to do all the things mothers can do, and still have time to work full time, cook three meals each day, balance the schedules of everyone in the family, plus keep the house clean and in order. If that is not enough, there are mountains of clothes each week to wash and dry and fold and stack,etc.

This is the week we all reflect on the important role Mothers have played in our individual lives. The touch, the soft words of comfort or encouragement, the special foods she cooked for birthdays or holiday meals - we remember! The sacrifice (as we look back) she made so that we might have enough to eat, an extra few dollars to spend, or that we might attend some special event -that's the way Mothers are!

So it is fitting that each of us stop for a few minutes, draw aside from the busy schedule of the week and focus attention on "my Mother". Though she may be no longer with us physically, we can voice prayers of thanksgiving to God for blessing us, for providing such an example of love and for one who showed us so much about the Father's love.

We can honor her by passing on to our children and grandchildren her ideals and special events in her life. Happy Mother's Day!






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