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Sep 30th

Burglary call ends in meth bust

Toby BrownAn alleged burglary of a Constable Street residence may have been the figment of a drug-induced hallucination.

Toby Brown, 37, of the 1200 block of Constable Street, was arrested early Sunday and charged with possession of CDS Sch. II methamphetamine after officers were called to his residence concerning a possible break-in.

"Around 7 a.m., Off. Clint Smith responded to the call and made contact with Brown," said Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper. "Brown told Smith there were several individuals trying to break into his residence, and they had broken out a window in the back of the residence and climbed into the attic."

Brown reportedly told Smith, Ofc. Joel Kendrick and Ofc. Kenny James the subjects left before officers arrived on the scene.

"As Off. Smith was talking to the subject, Brown was acting very strangely and having some hallucinations," Cropper said. "Smith indicated that the story Brown was telling wasn't making much sense because he (Smith) had walked through the residence and found no broken windows."

According to reports, Brown was "very talkative and paranoid."

"He was looking around like someone was trying to come after him," said the chief. "Off. Smith has background and training and experience with persons under the influence of methamphetamine – they become very paranoid and are always looking around because they think someone is sneaking up behind them."

Smith reportedly took Brown outside the residence and began questioning him in reference to possible use of methamphetamine.

"Brown admitted to Smith that he had smoked methamphetamine prior to the officer's arrival," Cropper said. "Smith asked and Brown admitted there was more methamphetamine in the residence."

When Smith re-entered the residence, he asked Brown to retrieve the methamphetamine.

"Brown began looking all over the house and got frantic because he couldn't find it," said the chief. "There were two females in the residence. One was asleep on the couch, and she came around while the officers were there. She was very uncooperative and became vulgar with the officers. When the officers tried get her to sit back down on the couch, she indicated the officers couldn't tell her what to do."

When the female subject continued to be uncooperative, officers arrested her for interfering with a police officer.

"In the meantime, Mr. Brown finally found his methamphetamine," Cropper said. "There was less than one gram in a bag in the living room. He turned it over to officers."

Brown was booked at the Minden Police Department and transported to Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center.






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