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Sep 30th

WPHC learns lessons of “The War between the States”

The Webster Parish Homemakers Council met on January 24 at the LSU AgCenter. The meeting was called to order by President Elizabeth Tripp.

Heflin Club served as host. They decorated the tables with books tied with colorful ribbon and bunches of artificial grapes arranged on placemats. Christine Snider, Sanders Road President led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The order of business was changed for the guest speaker. Mary Lane Gray introduced the speaker, Johanna Pate, who presents historical period reenactments. She started off by saying the term Civil War is incorrect.

The War between the States is the correct name of the war. She has been doing reenactments for 15 years. She appeared dressed in all black as a widow from the period of 1861 - 1865. We should be proud of the women during the War between the States. She told of the many roles the southern women had to take on.

Women during this time could not vote or own any property. If your husband died the land usually went to his brother. They saw their husbands, brothers, and fathers leave for the war not knowing if they would ever hear from or see them again. The women now had to take over all roles and fill not only their jobs but also the men's jobs providing for the family.

These women were strong, committed and patriotic. Some women even disguised themselves to take on the role of soldiers. With their southern charm they were very active in the role of spies. They did fundraisers, rolled the cartridges but could not put the powder into them.

During the war was the first time there were women nurses. Not being able to get supplies they had to rely upon the old herb medicines that they remembered from their parents and grandparents. More soldiers died from infections than on the battle fields.

She showed and explained to us all the different layers of clothing the women wore. It amounted to about 35 pounds. She ended by talking about the Rebel flag that so many misunderstand. It was never used as the Confederate National Flag. It was the flag Virginia used as a battle flag. Her talk was very enjoyable.

Sharon Landaiche, Heflin Club, gave the devotional "The Winter of My Life" which was in the Post Office Credit Union paper. It talked about how quickly time goes by and the seasons of your life have slipped by.

Prayer needs were requested and a number of our members, family and friends were named. Joan Almond lead the prayer on their behalf.

The minutes were approved as written. Charlotte Martin, secretary, called the roll. Attendance included: Evergreen- 3, Heflin- 8, Sanders Road- 6, Shongaloo- 2, Guests- 2, Agents- 3, for a total of 24 present.

Elizabeth Tripp appointed Janice Hare and Christine Snider to audit the books before the next council meeting in April.

The Homemakers offer two $500 scholarships each year. The Ann Harper Scholarship Fund is for a high school senior. These applications have been given to each 4-H leader at High Schools in Webster Parish.

The Eunice Smithey Scholarship is for Continuing Education and can be picked up at the LSU Extension Service, 1202 Homer Road, Minden, 371-1371. These applications are due by March 31. The scholarships will be awarded at the 4-H banquet, April 30.

Joan Almond reported the progress on the new sign for the Extension Services has been approved and is suppose to be completed by March. The new 4-H agent was introduced, Cliff Rainwater.

Door prizes were given out by the host club, Heflin.

Liza Holmes, 4-H agent reported that the Ann Harper Scholarship forms had been given to the 4-H at each high school. Two Jr. Leaders are on state boards. New program, Soft Skills, teaches ways to deal with people. Celebrate Girls is a program for the 5th, 6th and 7th grade girls which meets once a month.

Thirty-five or 40 girls attend where they do crafts, learn manners, grooming, etc.

A new program has been started for the boys called Boys Rock. Cliff Rainwater will work with the Boys Rock program as well as the livestock program.

Joan Almond, Extension Agent, told about a new state grant (Body Quest - Nutritional Program) which includes 10 parishes. Joan Almond gave out the Scrapbook, Community service and Educational awards. Scrapbook awards, Evergreen - 1st Place; Sanders Road - 2nd Place; Heflin received 1st place on both the community service and educational awards.

The next council meeting will be on April 25, 2013 at the Extension Office. Evergreen will be the host and Sanders Road will furnish the mini-raffle.

The meeting was adjourned with Diane Beatty leading the prayer for the meal. Everyone enjoyed the delicious variety of food.






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