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Oct 01st

Parking Wars?


Council says yes to amendment, no to ‘junk’ cars, trailers left in public view

Leaving an unregistered, unlicensed or uninsured vehicle on a residential street or in a front yard for more than six days is now considered illegal in Minden.

"This is nothing new," said Minden Mayor Bill Robertson. "We are just trying to put a little more teeth into the old ordinance."

With all hands on deck, the Minden City Council voted unanimously Monday to amend an ordinance regarding parked vehicles and trailers, making it against the law to have them in public view for more than the six-day period.

Police Chief Steve Cropper said the amended ordinance will eliminate trailers, mobile homes and campers from parking for long periods on residential streets.

"People are actually parking them in the streets causing a hazard," Cropper said. "The commercial trailers – like lawn services – they will have a time frame where they can park in front of a house while mowing the lawn."

According to the amendment, the owner will receive a written notice by return-receipt, certified mail. The owner will have 10 days to remove the vehicle or trailer.

After that 10 days, the vehicle or trailer will be considered property of the city and disposed at the owner's expense.

Cropper said even before the amendment, the ordinance stated that any vehicle fitting that description could not be parked in a front yard.

"We could actually tag the vehicle and you would have 10 days to get it moved," he said. "You can work on a vehicle, according to the ordinance, as long as it's parked in a garage or in the rear."

District C Councilwoman Magalene Quarles said the amendment would remove "junk cars" parked in areas where they obstruct the view.

"If you utilize these procedures, then that will not occur," she said. "It will upgrade the curb appeal."






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