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Oct 02nd

Homebound ministry, fresh vegetables are a blessing

Our church, Minden First Baptist, has a homebound ministry.  Since Mac seldom leaves the house anymore and is now on Hospice, he is one of the homebound people.  The persons from the church that often visit him are Therez Kelley and her husband, Van.

Therez is a marvelous person.  She is faithful about visiting Mac at least once a month or more.  She delivers his Sunday school book, the monthly Christian magazine, “Mature Living,” and the seasonal booklet of daily devotional readings titled, “Open Windows” all in large print. 

Therez subscribes to large printed “Guideposts” and instead of discarding them, she passes them on to me, which I thoroughly enjoy.  When I am finished with each, I pass it along to my daughter, Carol.

Each time Therez or her and Van visit, a special thoughtful gift is included.  She never forgets his birthday. 

This past birthday, May 23, Mac turned 89.  She remembered it by bringing him two helium birthday balloons and donating five Gideon Bibles in his name (splendid & appreciated idea).   

The Kelleys are a living example of the Christian life.  Therez is a beautiful person inside and out.  She is thoughtful, kind and a shining light to those who know her.  A visit from her or her and Van, leaves Mac and me feeling extremely blessed.

Most recently, Therez brought us cucumbers and zucchini from their garden.  You know by now how much I like fresh vegetables and fruit.  

The recipe I am giving you this week is for those that have gardens and just might have an abundance of cucumbers.  It is a recipe given to me by a friend from Bridge City, Texas, Helen Pittman, whose husband, John, always had a plentiful garden of vegetables.

I was delighted that sometime they shared their vegetables with us.  In the summer, Helen would often bring this KEEPER to our Baptist Church Senior Adult, “Golden Harvest,” meetings and gladly shared the recipe with me.  Now I gladly pass it on to you devoted Minden Press-Herald subscribers.


1 Tbsp. salt
1 Tbsp. celery seed
2 cups sugar
1 cup vinegar
3 Tbsp. cooking oil
Couple of dashes of Mrs. Dash, if desired
(Helen does not use this)
One-half gallon cucumbers, sliced thin
Chopped onions and peppers (optional)

Combine salt, celery seed, sugar, vinegar and cooking oil.  Add sliced cucumbers (the onions and peppers if you wish) into liquid.  Cool and eat.  You may use the liquid a couple of more times; just add more sliced cucumbers into it.






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