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Aug 27th

In the Master's Hand-Eureka!

Many of us watched the Master's Golf Tournament in Augusta Sunday afternoon and saw Bubba Watson proudly take the green coat after a dramatic play-off victory. Truth is, several men almost won it, but Bubba walked off with the accolades and the prize money. He was most deserving. When I read a bio on him from Billy Graham's website, I was almost as emotional as he was when he cupped the winning ball.

It is good to see good things happen to good people. Watson's Christian testimony was not seen on his sleeve nor among fans rooting for him. But in his own way, he honored God by his sportsmanship and emotional responses to those around him when the game ended. In the golf world "his story" is well-known. The analysts indicated "this broadcast is being seen around the world". Millions know who Bubba is now!


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