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Sep 30th

Educator seeks governor’s office

Tara Hollis, a public educator with Claiborne Parish Schools and a conservative Democrat, has announced her candidacy for the Louisiana governor's job.

"I believe it is time that someone steps up and challenges the current administration," Hollis said. "We cannot continue down the road we are on."

Contributing to Hollis' decision to run, was the moment when Hollis addressed the Claiborne Parish School Board regarding recent budget cuts, which led to more than 60 employees being laid off.

"The board was quick to point fingers at budget cuts from Baton Rouge," Hollis said. "This encouraged me to take my concerns to the state's capital."

Hollis feels that without art programs, music and band education is in danger.

"Now you are cutting our teachers," she said to the board. "Soon our students will have nothing left.

"Cuts to education are the fastest way to kill our economy," she continued. "If this state is to survive and grow, we need to put the focus back on building up our school system."

She said that very little progress is being made throughout the state.

"Promises have been made to the people of Louisiana, and those promises have fallen short," Hollis said. "Jindal promised education reform, economic growth and more jobs.

"Instead, more than 169,000 Louisianans across the state have been let go, and funding for literacy programs, early and adult education programs, as well as cuts to higher education have left this state's school systems surviving only on life support."

Hollis indicated that her campaign seeks to inspire a public conversation on critical issues.

"Our fellow citizens are suffering; our schools are ill equipped to meet the task of educating our youth; we are incarcerating citizens at an alarming rate, without providing support to retrain and rehabilitate them; we are denying adequate medical care to our veterans; and more than 129,000 college students will not be able to finish their degrees due to cuts in higher education," Hollis said. "We're going to run a campaign that will reach all people in the state, working together to foster progress without sacrificing the common good.

"It is time the people of Louisiana come together and fight back for the good of our children and the health of our state," she continued. "Democrats and Republicans alike are tired of career politicians that make deals to promote their own agendas."

Hollis said she envisions a brighter future for the state and believes that, through collaborative and inclusive efforts, the people of Louisiana can pull together and play a major role in determining the course of its future.

Hollis, 33, a proud resident of Haynesville and a graduate of La Tech, where she earned her Masters degree in Education; has worked to give time and money back to the community.

She served as a founding member of the Claiborne Parish Clover Buds 4-H club, worked after school sponsoring the Scripps National Spelling Bee and the Junior High Cyclone Cheerleading Squad.

Hollis founded the Claiborne Animal Rescue in 2006, the parish's only animal shelter providing vaccination, spays and neuters, along with loving homes to more than 389 of the parish's abused and abandoned animals for a period of two years. She also proposed a spay-and-neuter program that would provide spay-and-neuter vouchers to low income families with pets to the Claiborne Parish Police Jury in 2008.

Hollis currently serves on the School Building Level Committee at Haynesville Jr. High and is a member of Pi Lambda Theta. She also holds membership with The Golden Key National Honor Society, and is a member of the Union Grove Church of Christ.

"I am taking a firm stand against the political corruption that has become a way of life in Louisiana, and I am asking the people of this great state to stand with me," Hollis said. "Together we can provide more for our children, and better for our state."






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