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Sep 30th


When I was a kid, my daddy would set some 'steel traps' in the winter to "supplement his meager income". Some brisk morning runs would net a couple of 'coons, maybe an opossum. One time I remember he had a skunk in the trap. You should have heard him describe getting that varmit separated from his trap.On rare occasions, he would bring home a mink that wandered through and 'put his foot in the wrong place'.

After skinning his catch, the 'coons and opossums were sold (if possible), but all the skins were stretched out and tanned to be sold later. Now none of these animals had as "being trapped, killed and tanned as their goal for the day. But that is exactly what my daddy was thinking when he set the traps in position where most likely he would have a "catch".

We've been catching a lot of squirrels and a few 'coons that invade our yard, looting the bird feeders. Watching the squirrels circle the trap, eyeing the peanuts or pecans (bait), I wait to see their reaction when they realize what has happened. Trapped! Yep, we put the traps where we know they most likely will come, supply a lot of bait to lure them and delight when the door slams shut.

This is a good visual illustration of how sin leads us on. Closer and closer until "wham', the door closes on us. Suddenly we are trapped. Proverbs 4-7 gives good advice to help us avoid being "trapped by the temptations in life". The directive here is to "stop, turn and run as fast as you can to get away from sin". When we run from sin, we are running toward God. He will embrace us and protect us from the enemy.

The truth is this: many of us are flirting with sin, circling around it and suddenly we give way to temptation. All to late, we realize we are trapped. Backed into a corner, lying in the bottom of life's well with no possible escape. But wait! There is a way to be free, a way to be released, a way to get out of the trap!

When we feel we are being trapped by life, we need to turn to the Lord for guidance. Take the advice given in Proverbs and other great passages to resist the tempter. "Turn around and run- avoid such temptations." Flee temptation and avoid 'the traps" set along the way.






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