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Oct 01st

Dixie All-Star Tournaments continue


Rain hampered the AAA and Dixie Youth District Tournaments Sunday at the Minden Recreation Complex.

According to Recreation Director Winky Newer, Sunday's games will be finished up tonight, and both tournaments will back everything up one day.


Friday's Games


Bossier Americans 19, Minden Continentals 9

Amani Larry led Bossier with a home run. Garrett Hable had two hits and Turner Toms and Chris Lutterman both doubled. Caleb Reese added a single.

Cameron Dollar tripled to lead Minden, and Gavin Jones singled twice. Johnny Law Flournoy added a base hit.

Bossier Nationals 12, Ruston Americans 2

Hayden Travinski doubled twice and homered to lead Bossier. Daniel Halbert, Darrious Bradford and Kainana Williams each had two hits. Christian Raynor added a home run.

Blake Moss, Luke Higginbotham and Brennon Hill all singled for Ruston.

NOLA 9, Shreveport Americans 6

Surgieo Hardwell homered to lead NOLA. Will Foster had two hits and Jay Buggs, Cole Watts, Bo Roberson, Gage Burnham and Key Roberson all singled.

Caroron Meeks had three hits to lead Shreveport. Dylan Hagedorn and Joseph Lattier both doubled, and Devin Meloncon, Cole Collins and Caleb Chance all singled.

Haughton 5, Shreveport Nationals 4

Dylan Meche, Jathon Patton, Eric Rost and Luke Lowery all had two hits to lead Haughton. Caden Halloway doubled and Kason Green singled.

Nick Bledsole singled three times to lead Shreveport. Christopher Robinson had two hits and Zack Martinez, Cole Ware-Wilson and Lawson Jackson all added base hits.

Dixie Youth

Minden Continentals 12, Union Parish 2

Connor Davis and Tyler Perryman both tripled to lead the Continentals. Cameron Gray struck out eight batters and Jake Gray, Peyton Gray and Colby Myers all added base hits.

Stacey Findley and Hunter Armstrong both singled for Union Parish.

Minden Nationals 12, Springhill 10

Jordan Dunn hit two home runs to lead the Nationals. Austin Clemens and Keith Smith both had two hits and Austin Wall struck out five batters and singled. Jacob Poindexter, Hayden Williams and Colin Frizzell all added base hits.

Demetri West homered and singled to lead Springhill. Mikol Smith struck out seven batters and Jared Dunn tripled. Caleb Black added a single.

Bossier Nationals 19, NOLA 4

Matthew McKee, Caden Maxwell and Mark Larhrne all homered to lead Bossier. C.J. Smith had three hits and Michael McCrenin had two hits.

Josh Harrison homered to lead NOLA. Michael Modisette and T.J. Carter both added base hits.

NOLA Americans 18, Vivian 0

Jamarcean Jackson (6Ks) and Prentiss Washington combined to throw a no-hitter to lead NOLA. Trent Franklin singled twice and homered, and Jalen Harris doubled twice and singled. Jay French singled and tripled and Jake Foster doubled.

Saturday's Games


Shreveport Nationals 9, Minden Continentals 6

Lawson Jackson had two doubles to lead Shreveport. Nick Bledsole had two singles and Zack Martinez, Ashton Nelson, Christopher Robinson, Carson Cressno and Matthew Ramsey all added base hits. Cole Ware-Wilson struck out five batters.

Chance Frizzell doubled to lead Minden. Gavin Jones and Trevor McLean both singled.

Bossier Americans 18, Haughton 5

Garrett Hable singled, tripled and homered and Amani Larry singled twice and homered to lead Bossier. Harrison Tauzin, Caleb Reese and Cole Horton all doubled, and Peyton Cannen and Turner Toms both singled.

Jathan Patton singled twice to lead Haughton. Lake Lowery and Kobe Jackson both doubled, and Kyelor Coborn and Eric Rest both singled.

Bossier Nationals 19, NOLA 7

Kaimana Williams singled twice to lead Bossier. Hunter Matthews doubled and Daniel Halbert, Hayden Travinski, J.T. Brice and Jackson kennedy all singled.

Bo Roberson, Key Roberson and Gage Burnham all singled for NOLA.

Shreveport Americans 17, Ruston Americans 4

Joseph Lattier, Caleb Chance and Logan Lesne all had two hits to lead Shreveport. Caleb Cormier, Dylan Hagedorn and Ethan Patton all singled.

Luke Higginbotham and Jared Miller both singled twice to lead Ruston. Blake Moss and Paul Gray both singled.

Dixie Youth

Minden Continentals 12, Minden Nationals 2

Peyton Gray struck out 11 batters to lead the Continentals. Cameron Gray doubled and homered and Jake Gray had two hits. Dalton Crumpler, Tyler Perryman, Tanner Page, Jarrott Gates, Colby Myers and Cameron Barnette all added singles.

Jordan Dunn homered to lead the Nationals. Hayden Williams and Joseph Windham both doubled and Austin Clemens and Colin Frizzell both singled.

NOLA 11, Vivian 2

Hayden Corbell homered and Michael Modisette singled twice to lead NOLA. Modisette struck out six batters and Jacob Harrison struck out seven. Kyle Griffith singled and tripled and T.J. Carter and Dawson Markham both singled.

J.R. Smith doubled and struck out six batters to lead Vivian. Richard Hill added a single.

Union Parish 13, Springhill 12

Austin Ferrington singled, homered and struck out six batters to lead Union Parish. Sam Matthews struck out six batters and singled,a nd Stacy Findlay, Dylan Wiley, Will Orton and Logan Rogers all added base hits.

Caleb Black had three singles and a home run to lead Springhill. A.J. Stephens, Dre Curry and John Jacobs all added singles.

Bossier Nationals 12, NOLA Americans 2

Ethan Parks singled and struck out nine batters to lead Bossier. C.J. Smith homered and Caden Maxwell doubled twice. Michael Mulbrenin doubled and Mark Rawhorne, Ethan Russell and Matthew Brown all singled.

Jake Foster and Caset Chandler both had two singles to lead NOLA. Jamarcean Jackson doubled and Jay French singled.






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