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Oct 02nd

MPD nabs Shreveport trio

Carlin_CottonCasey_DavisDeangelo_PolkMinden Police have arrested three Shreveport residents for felony theft and are looking for a fourth person allegedly involved in a consipracy involving a local discount store.

Casey Davis, 36, of Orla Avenue and Carlin Cotton, 43, of Ernwood Street are charged with conspiracy to commit felony theft of goods, while Deangelo Polk, 25, of Heatherstone, is charged with felony theft of goods.

Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper said the conspiracy began when one of the four subjects purchased a surround sound system from the Minden discount store.

"One person – Davis – bought and paid for the surround sound at another location of the same chain," Cropper said. "She had a receipt, so these four persons came up with the plan that they were going to take the receipt into the (Minden) store, pick up a surround sound system identical to the one previously purchased, then go to the exchange counter and try to get a refund on the surround sound. In other words, they were trying to get cash."

Unfortunately, greed may have played a part in the failure of the plan.

"Davis had the receipt and sold it to Cotton for $20," Cropper said. "Cotton took the receipt to the refund counter, and Polk and the unidentified fourth person decided to load up a television set in a cart and just roll it out of the store without paying for it."

Store officials reportedly detained Polk while the unidentified male ran.

Store employees told Ofc. Kenny James and Ofc. Ben Allen that the individuals exited a red sport utility vehicle before entering the store, and after Cotton failed in his attempt to get money for the receipt, he allegedly left the store and made contact with the driver of the SUV.

"Officer James noticed the vehicle at a fast-food restaurant across the street," Cropper said. "He went to the restaurant, and the SUV was still there."

Cropper said there were two subjects in the red SUV – Davis and Cotton – who admitted to the officer they had been at the discount store.

"Three of the subjects were arrested, but one of the men who was rolling out the TV got away," said the chief. "To date, that person's identity is still unknown."

Those arrested were booked at the police department and transported to Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center.






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