Minden Press-Herald

Oct 02nd

Answering a call for help


Minden Fire Chief Kip Mourad responded to a call for help earlier this week, when he was asked by the Joint Task Force Commission to send as much equipment and as many volunteers as could be spared to aid areas in south Louisiana affected by then-Hurricane Isaac.

"It's great that our city is willing to let us send our guys down there to help out," Mourad said. "I know our residents would appreciate other departments and volunteers coming to our aid, if we should ever need it. And that is what it is all about – helping each other."

Mourad said all fire departments in the region, which includes about seven parishes, were asked to send aid.

"We were able to send three down to help," he said. "Whatever assistance they need down there, our guys are going to get to it. "

Assistant Chief John Tucker, Captain Lil John Thompson and Captain Bobby Conly left Wednesday around 9 p.m. for Mansfield, which was the designated meeting place before volunteers traveled to LaPlace.

"They left about midnight and arrived (Thursday) morning," Mourad said. "They will be there about 48 hours, but maybe as long as 72 hours."

Upon arrival, volunteers relieved LaPlace and other departments who had been hard at work the past day.

"Those guys down there have been at it awhile, and we are glad to be in a position to provide the extra manpower," Mourrad said. "The local departments down there have completed search and rescue. Our guys are mostly patrolling and making sure everything is okay. I know they already put out a house fire. The house was flooded but they went ahead and put it out to minimize damages."






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