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Oct 02nd

Webster 4-H Shooting Stars teams excel

Webster team #1 takes first in State, team #2 finishes ninth

LAKE CHARLES — The two Webster Parish 4-H Shooting Stars BB gun teams excelled at the recent state championships in Lake Charles.

Webster Team #1 finished first in the overall team results. Team members included; Dakota McGarity, Trace Francis, James Coleman, Mary Claire Booth and BreAnna Downs.

Team #2 finished ninth overall. Team #2 members included Nikki Crain, Lauren White, Zander Bass, Triston James and Jacob Broadway.

Individual finishes:


Third place - Dakota McGarity, 6th-Trace Francis, 10th-James Coleman, 14th-Mary Clair Boothe, 15th-Hunter Alford, 18th-BreAnna Downs, 29th-Nikki Crain, 42nd-Hunter Streetman, 43rd-Lauren White, 47th-Zander Bass, 48th-Triston James, 53rd-Brawley Andrews and 63rd-Jacob broadway.


Fifth place- Nikki Crain, 10th-Trace Francis, 14th- Hunter Alford, 17th-BreAnna Down, 19th-James Coleman, 22nd-Dakota McGarity, 33rd-Mary Claire Boothe, 38th-Hunter Streetman, 42nd-Zander Bass, 52nd-Triston James, 57th-Lauren White, 61st-Jacob Broadway and 66th-Brawley Andrews.


Fourth place-Hunter Alford, 7th-Trace Francis, 8th-Dakota McGarity, 17th-James Coleman, 19th-Mary Claire Boothe, 22nd-Lauren White, 23rd-BreAnna Downs, 42nd-Nikki Crain, 46th-Triston James, 49th-Hunter Streetman, 57th-Brawley Andrews, 58th-Zander Bass and 66th-Jacob Broadway.


Third place-Mary Claire Boothe, 4th-Dakota McGarity, 8th-James Coleman, 9th-BreAnna Downs, 11th-Trace Francis, 13th-Triston James, 21st-Jacob Broadway, 25th-Brawley Andrews, 31st-Zander Bass, 33rd-Hunter Alford, 41st-Nikki Crain, 50th-Hunter Streetman and 51st-Lauren White.


Second place-Dakota McGarity, 5th-James Coleman, 14th-Trace Francis, 16th-Hunter Streetman, 23rd-Lauren White, 28th-Hunter Alford, 29th-Mary Claire Boothe, 31st-BreAnna Downs, 38th-Nikki Crain, 41st-Zander Bass, 49th-Brawley Andrews, 59th-Triston James and 68th-Jacob Broadway.






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