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Oct 02nd

‘Living life’ can be a problem

"Living life" by supplementing her income with stolen money did not pay off for the manager of a local mobile home park.

Webster Parish deputies Capt. Dustin Reynolds and Lt. Barry James arrested Jane C. Roberts, 67, of the 100 block of Country Lane and charged her with felony theft.

Sheriff Gary Sexton said Roberts admitted during an interview that she had been stealing money from her employer for the two years.

"So far, it has been determined that Roberts took at least $5,000," Sexton said. "That amount will likely increse as other records are obtained."

Roberts, who has been employed at the mobile home park for 10 years, was responsbile for collecting monthly rent payments from tenants in the mobile home park and depositing that money in the park's bank account.

She reportedly admitted to keeping the payments that were made in cash.

Reynolds said the owner of the mobile home park noticed some discrepancies and called the sheriff's department.

"He picked up the difference in the amount of rent that was being collected and the amount being deposited," Reynolds said. "The owner trusted her and let her run the park. He had another full-time job but recently retired from that and began taking a more active role in what was going on."

Reynolds said their records show $3,400 missing for the month of April.

"We feel like it will end up being much, much more than the original $5,000," Reynolds said. "Not only was she collecting rent, she was collecting pet deposits and various other fees. She said she took it to supplement her income for 'living life.'"






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