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Oct 01st

Taking Issue with Congressman Fleming's Travels

Dear Editor:

At a time when our economy is in shambles and millions of people are unemployed, Congressman, John C. Fleming, decided it was the right time to take a trip—to the illegal settlements in the West Bank of Palestine.

We have to wonder how such a trip applies to us, to Louisiana, and to his work. Congressman Fleming is not a member of the Foreign Affairs committee. He didn't go to visit such settlements to condemn them, as our own government has done for years. No, he went in their support.

Allow us to provide some background—as most of you are aware, Israel has occupied Palestine for the past 64 years and to further expand its borders, the Israeli government continuously steals land from the Palestinian people to construct illegal settlements. Every time Israel builds these colonies, the size of the future Palestinian state shrinks dramatically. The international community, including the United States denounces such acts, understanding that such moves create serious obstacles to peace.

With his visit, Congressman Fleming has legitimized illegal actions and given them credibility, a move that goes against American foreign policy. Instead of taking such trips, we expect Congressman Fleming to fight for the American values of freedom, justice and dignity that are enshrined in the United States Constitution. And, as an elected official in the state of Louisiana, we expect nothing less then for him to make unbiased decisions, taking into consideration all aspects of a political question.

Georgette Ioup






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