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Oct 02nd

Apaches swim team takes ninth place at MAIS State Meet

LAUREL, MS. — The Glenbrook Apaches swim team recently took part in the MAIS State Swim Meet in Laurel, Mississippi.

The team placed ninth overall in the event. Each swimmer was allowed to swim in two individual races and two relays only.

More than 20 teams participated in the meet, with Glenbrook and Claiborne Academy being the only Louisiana schools that competed.

The team had only three high school swimmers, so sixth-grader Dylan Cone was moved up to swim and participated in two fifth place relays teams that competed against several all-seniors teams.

Here are some results from the meet:

Boys first through third grades

100 Freestyle relay-Shepard Latham, Jacob Powell, Thomas Rhame and Grady Brasher (sixth place)

25 Backstroke-Grady Brasher (10th), Lukas Krouse (12th), Shepard Latham (14th), Carsin Ayers (40th) and Jacob Powell (41st).

25 Breaststroke-Thomas Rhame (5th)

Girls first through third grades

100 Freestyle relay-Emma Pitman, Madison McCullogh, Mary Evelyn King and Lexie Prince (sixth place)

25 Backstroke-Anna Claire Lemoine (12th), Emmbeth Coyle (24th), Emma Pitman (25th) and Lexie Prince (40th)

25 Freestyle-Kylie Langford (44th), Riley Massey (45th), Savannah Powell (47th) and Rebecca Harrington (52nd)

25 Breaststroke-Madison McCullough (5th), Anna Claire Lemoine (12th), Lily Spillers (19th), Claire Waites (24th) and Mary Evelyn King (26th)

25 Butterfly-Lily Spillers (5th)

50 Freestyle-Emma Pitman (14th), Emmbeth Coyle (16th), Mary Evlyn King (24th) and Lexie Prince (27th)

100 Medley relay-Claire Waites, Anna Claire Lemoine, Lily Spillers and Emmbeth Coyle (5th)

Boys fourth through sixth grades

50 Backstroke-Dylan Cone (18th)

Girls fourth through sixth grades

50 Backstroke-Kate Marvin (2nd), Makaylay Booth (24th), Avery Dye (44th), Courtney Stanley (47th) and Valerie Needham (49th)

25 Freestyle-Makaylay Booth (30th), Courtney Stanley (43rd), Avery Dye (45th) and Valarie Needham (48th)

50 Breaststroke-Emma Mayfield (4th), Amelia Christy (10th) and Evie Brasher (33rd)

50 Butterfly-Ainsley Maness (8th)

50 Freestyle-Emma Mayfield (3rd), Amelia Christy (7th) and Ainsley Maness (17th)

Junior High

50 Freestyle-Ashley Rhame (13th), Amanda McLemore (17th) and Emily Rhame (21st)

50 Breaststroke-Emily Rhame (18th)

50 Backstroke-Ashley Rhame (18th) and Amanda McLemore (21st)

High School Girls

50 Freestyle-Heather Stahl (25th)

200 Freestyle relay-Emily Rhame, Ashley Rhame, Amanda McLemore and Heather Stahl (6th)

200 Medley relay-Heather Stahl, Emily Rhame, Ashley Rhame and Amanda McLemore

High School Boys

50 Freestyle-Jesse Cone (7th), Quinton Martin (18th) and Will Phillips (23rd)

50 Breaststroke-Jesse Cone (7th)

50 Backstroke-Will Phillips

50 Butterfly-Quinton Martin (4th)

200 Freestyle relay-Quinton Martin, Jesse Cone, Dylan Cone and Will Phillips (5th)

200 Medley relay-Quinton Martin, Jesse Cone, Dylan Cone and Will Phillips (5th)

The coaches and sponsors wanted to say that they were lucky to have such talented swimmers to work with. The majority of these students swim summer league at the Minden Tennis and Aquatic Club, where they received excellent coaching over the years.

Kayla weeks and Cam O'Riley should be praised for all the hard work they did in helping coach this team.

Thanks also go out to Dr. Naomi Coyle for organizing the 2011 Glenbrook Swim team and Coach Ryan Porter and the Glenbrook Booster Club for their support.






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