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Oct 02nd

Are you in a dry place?

Dear Editor,

When I study the Bible, I sometimes put myself as one of the characters. In this story the one I play is Mephibosheth. I won’t tell you where it is. Look it up. In this case he is in Lodebar, which means “A dry place where no one is” I have no doubt that anyone reading this has been there and most likely will go there again.

I spent most of my young life there. In this story King David asks a servant if there was anyone left of his friend Jonathan’s family. He was told that Mephibosheth yet lived but that he was a cripple. He sent his General, Joab, to fetch Mephibosheth. It was customary to behead any heir to the throne, so I just imagine that Mephibosheth was a bit reluctant to go.

To be continued. Father God thank you for finding me in Lodebar.

Mack Ford






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