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Oct 01st

The changing seasons of life

"In the Springtime of my life, I was young with a new wife; Then Summer came along, changed my music and my song...Autumn now is falling fast; I must amend my affairs & do it fast - .or else winter's cold will freeze the soul, causing stress as I grow old, ending the will to continue life; come and find me-here I lie." Yes, the seasons come so swiftly while we are busy making a living and many of us fail to live.

Suddenly we awake and realize it "is later than we thought it was". A trip to the doctor confirms our fears - those dreaded words that bring fear and distress; questions pop up that have been asleep for years. Much like seed from weeds; we are told they lie dormant for years, and suddenly spring to life. We get caught off guard. Summer turns to autumn quickly, or sometimes skips right over her and throws us into the throes of winter, without warning. That once beautiful tree so full of leaves and fruit suddenly is bare and has no resistance to winter's chill. Death is eminent.

So as the heat of summer disappears, the falling leaves reveal a season of changing is coming. What shall we do? Just stand still and let them pile up around our feet? No, we walk forward into the future, knowing winter is right around the corner from us. Come on, let's face those howling winds of change, the chilling breath of winter. And even if death is riding the pale horse high on the wings of winter, let us face him gladly and see what the Lord has prepared for us. For we are being changed, much like the ugly cocoon, into the beautiful butterfly God has intended us to become. Many wonderful promises in God's Word encourages us along life's path that we should not be afraid of the changing seasons of life.






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