Minden Press-Herald

Sep 21st

Tax Reform Face-Off


Bobby Jindal's tax reform bill has garnered varying opinions on how the proposal would affect Louisiana taxpayers.

The governor claims his reform would increase business in Louisiana, while others like Rep. Gene Reynolds, D-Minden, have an alternative view.

"Eliminating income taxes will help make Louisiana the best place for businesses to create jobs and give Louisianans more control over their own money," Jindal said. "We've talked about eliminating income taxes for years so we could compete with other states and create more opportunities for people who need work, but we've always just tinkered around the edges of real reform. It's time to step up and eliminate income taxes so we can unleash major economic growth."

Sales Tax Exemptions Eliminated
Services To Be Taxed
Sales Tax Exemptions Retained
Services Not Taxable
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