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Oct 02nd

Main-to-Main: Sibley, Heflin ousted

There have been some changes to this year's Main-to-Main Trade Days, but not as many changes as some would like.

During the May meeting, the Main-to-Main Planning Committee voted to remove Sibley and Heflin from the Main-to-Main trail. Reasons for the removal were varied from the two cities not contributing to the event to being too far out of the way for visitors and making the route too long.

"I was very disappointed with their decision," said Pattie Odom, director of Minden Main Street/Downtown Development. "I wanted to include the whole parish in this and was willing to work with the south end of the parish to help them."

At Thursday's planning meeting, the committee wanted to vote to change the entrance exit in the south end of the parish. Currently, the exit used as an entrance to the south end of the parish is the Minden/Sibley exit, Exit 47 from I-20.

"I don't think people should get off at that exit (Exit 47)," said Cindy Richardson of Sarepta. "That is a trashy area of town, and that's not what you want visitors to see on their way to Main Street. Plus, it's too far away from Main Street."

Richardson and other members of the committee want to change the exit to the Dixie Inn/Cotton Valley exit, Exit 44. However, Odom and others do not agree with the change.

"Main-to-Main runs from Main Street Springhill to Main Street Minden or vice-versa," said Odom. "We won't start in Dixie Inn because it's not a Main Street. We include it on the trail because we want the entire parish involved, but Minden and Springhill are the only two cities that technically have a Main Street. That's why the entrance and exit to the Main-to-Main Trade Days are placed in those cities on each side of the parish."

To compromise, both Exits 47 and 44 will be listed on the Main-to-Main map for visitors to decide which they would prefer.

Main-to-Main currently has four committed sponsors: Carter Federal Credit Union, Barksdale Federal Credit Union, Main Street Auctions and the Coca Cola Bottling Company of Minden. They are still looking for more sponsors. To become a sponsor, contact Odom at 377-4258.

The next Main-to-Main meeting will be held August 25 at Cotton Valley City Hall.






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