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Oct 01st

A misunderstanding?


Pets found in deplorable conditions at local animal boarding business

When Lorna Williams boarded her Chihuahua Lucy while she went on a short vacation, she had no idea getting her "baby" back would turn into a nightmare.

But Bones-N-Biscuits owner Resa Jones says it's just a "misunderstanding."

"I know this looks bad but I promise it's just a big misunderstanding," said Jones on the Minden Press-Herald Facebook page Wednesday afternoon.

Williams tried to pick up her dog at Bones-N-Biscuits on Tuesday morning. She began calling Jones at 8:30 a.m. After Jones' voicemail box became too full for messages, Williams decided to call the police for help.

Around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Williams and Delores Festervan, another pet owner, waited for police to help them unlock the doors of the grooming business and retrieve their four-legged fur-babies.

"I can see her in there," Williams said. "I have been calling and calling and can't get her (Jones) to call me back. I just want to get my baby."

When City of Minden's Animal Contro

l arrived, they had to call a locksmith to open the doors. Once inside, the conditions made Animal Control and the pet owners gasp.

The smell was almost overwhelming. Feces and urine could be found in every room of the building. Several small puppies were running around loose and there was no food or water for any of the animals. There were two cats in one room, one caged and one loose.

In another section, four medium-sized dogs had chewed through the wall and gotten into the office. In the back, three large dogs were denced in with no water, food or shelter.

Williams and Festervan were allowed to take their dogs, which were boarded with two other small dogs in a small room.

Animal Control did not remove any other animals. They left the conditions as they found them but later returned to give the animals water after complaints were made.

"Since it's a business, the only thing we can do at this time is to monitor the building and the situation," said Minden Mayor Bill Robertson. "The official report (made by Animal Control) says the dogs look okay and it hasn't gotten to the point of removing them, yet."

According to Robertson, Animal Control is not required to monitor the building based on their report, but they are doing so "as a precaution."

Animal Control officials and property owner Mitzi Jones-Madden both said this is not the first time police or Animal Control has been called to Bones-N-Biscuits to help owners retrieve their pets.

"This is a business," Madden said. "Whatever is going on with her personal life shouldn't affect her professional life – especially when there are live creatures involved."

Jones advertises her business as a grooming and boarding salon. According to Jones' posts on Facebook, she couldn't make it to work due to a series of unfortunate events, including being sick. Jones said two customers scheduled to get their dogs on Wednesday.

"They (the dogs) had food and water put out for them. I don't kennel dogs, so they are free to run around in the daycare," Jones said on her post. "Some are going to have accidents. I'm sorry if you think I neglected them. Sometimes things can appear to be one way, and it's completely another."

Robertson said if other pets are at the facility and owners wish to pick them up, they should contact the owner of the business as the city has no authority to help retrieve the dogs since the property is a business.

Jones was issued a warning to clean up the business. Witnesses place her at the business last night cleaning the facilities.









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