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Oct 01st

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Dexter Walker

Police arrest one for driving with drugs

Failing to observe a stop light put a halt to business for an alleged narcotics distributor.

Dexter Walker, 33, of Houston Texas, was arrested by Minden Police and charged with possession of controlled dangerous substances Sch. I marijuana with intent to distribute, Sch. II crack cocaine, Sch. III Lortab, two counts of possession of Sch. IV Alprazolam, possession of drug paraphernalia, open container, running a red light, resisting an officer by flight and failure to change the address on his driver's license.

Chief Steve Cropper said Off. Ben Gray observed Walker as he drove through a red traffic light at the intersection of Sheppard and Lee streets.

"The officer finally stopped the vehicle on Plateau Street," Cropper said. "As Walker was retrieving his driver's license registration and proof of insurance, the officer noticed a plastic bag on top of the center console with a cigar wrapper, loose tobacco and what he believed was a small marijuana cigarette."

At that point, Ofc. Chris Hammontree reportedly arrived as a back-up unit.

"They got Walker out of the vehicle to run a warrant check on him," said the chief. "The vehicle was registered to Walker in Louisiana, but he had a Texas driver's license."

Walker told officers he resides on Peach Alley in Minden.

"Gray conducted a pat-down for officer safety and discovered a bulge in Walker's front pocket," Cropper said. "He asked Walker to retrieve the item. He did so, and it was $74 in cash.

Walker was then asked if he had any weapons. Walker said 'no' but admitted there was an open container under the driver's seat."

After reportedly volunteering that information, Walker denied officers consent to search his vehicle.

"He said 'no,' that he was not going to give consent," said the chief.

Cropper said officers arrested Walker for open container and conducted a search to retrieve the alcoholic beverage.

"When they attempted to place him in handcuffs, he broke free and fled on foot toward MLK," Cropper said. "There was a short pursuit, and when the officers caught up with him, he resisted. They ordered him to stop, and they continued to scuffle before they were finally able to get him in cuffs and place him in the patrol car."

When officers continued search of vehicle, Lortab was reportedly found on the ground outside the driver's door, and an opened beer was found under the driver's seat.

"There were three bags of marijuana weighing approximately 19 grams underneath the driver's seat, along with one marijuana cigarette," Cropper said. "In the backseat, officers found 33 small, clear baggies, five large, clear baggies, a digital scale, one small marijuana cigarette and one small rock of crack cocaine. Alprazolam was found underneath passenger seat."

Walker was booked and transported to Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center.






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